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First off all a little info. My son has TS and when we moved to the area we live in now we meet another family whos son has TS thru my sons teacher. Since then we have became really good friends and go to the same church. We have another family that has 2 boys that we hang out with also. We are all good friends. Well just over the past few weeks the other family's son who is 7 started to tic. How wierd is it that 3 families would have kids with tics. We have talked to try to figure out if it is habbit or doing it for attention but it is not. He is doing it when he is falling asleep and even if he wakes at night. Also the tic he has is the neck tic and he has never seen ours boys with TS do that. So I have tried to encourage the mom that it is probably transient and will probably go away. But thought it would not hurt to have a strep test done. So she went to see her Pedeatrican and He told her in front of her 7 year old that he did not have TS beacuse he is not saying "OH F---" but he actually said the word. Also he would not do the strep test because he said PANDAS was not real. I felt so sorry for her that she saw such an ignorant Dr. Is there anyway to report him. I just wanted advice on the Dr. and also the likely hood of 3 families that live 5 miles apart would have kids with TS. I thought this was suppose to be rare. Thanks for letting me vent.

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I am speechless as to the utter stupidity of that physician. Sorry if that sounds strong, but it is true. If she wants to complain about him, find out who is in charge of his practice. Perhaps he has more senior physicians over him that could be told of how inappropriate he was. At the very least, tell her to switch docs.


You may want to post on the PANDAS section, b/c there are some families on there that live in California who had a cluster of PANDAS in their neighborhood and they would probably be able to give you more info. Have you had your child checked for strep or have you ruled out PANDAS?



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I had my immunologist give me the strep test because I asked for it.


He's a super cool guy. The conversation went like this:


Immunologist: So I'm going to give you these 8 blood tests (checking for something totally unrelated)

Me: Hey, while you're sending me over to the lab, do you mind adding this strep/antibodies/titers (forgot the name of it) test onto the list? In rare cases it can cause tics, etc. etc.

Immunologist: Well, a lot of people read horrible medical advice on the internet and I don't think that strep is what caused your tics, but I will include it if you want.

Me: Cool, thanks. I figure as long as I'm getting blood taken, what's one more test :lol:

Immunologist: :)


Of course it came back negative, but whatever.


Cliffs Notes:

- Your doctor sucks. Find a new one.

- Seriously. Be your own advocate. If a doctor is ever rude to me, or isn't "listening" to me, I find a new one. This isn't communist Russia where you are only allowed to see one party-appointed doctor. Doctors make mistakes, and some of them don't believe in stuff just because it's "new." Remember back in the day everyone thought shock therapy was the way to treat depression.

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