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Aluminium toxicity

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Hi all,

I've got the results back for the serum heavy metal tests and they were all clear except for Aluminium, which to me looks like its off the scale.

My local Dr wanted me to ring the specialist to check what the dangerous levels are. Can't get onto her and the lab that took the test won't give me the information directly.


All the children range from 2.8 - 3.0 mmols and the base on the fax sheet was (<0.8) obviously they are high, but I can't work out what high is.


If anyone can help with the theraputic levels and what is classed as high I would be most grateful.

I need to know what effect this is having on their system and if it affects their learning ability, because sometimes they're extra smart and sometimes extremely vague. If you have any natural suggestions on detox that would be great too.




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Sorry, can't help you on what the serum levels mean but would like to say that my son too was found with high aluminum levels. This was his highest metal...almost toxic and lead and mercury were moderately high. His test was done through hair analysis and my naturopath said the aluminum can definitely affect the nervous system and is probably the cause of his tics, along with the yeast/digestive issues.


Keep us posted.



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Hi Lookingalso,


Nice link and site, thanks! I found out more about how I might have gotten high cadmium--it is associated with eating refined foods and flours (all my earlier junk food!). Plus it is associated with zinc deficiency, which I have, and supposedly my zinc supplementation with help with my cadmium levels. This is great info!


The hair vs blood test for metals is an ongoing discussion here. Our own doctor says that blood tests are better (and tissue tests are the best, but not worth cutting into tissue). Others here have heard/read exactly the opposite as you state.


In 'Children with Starving Brains', Dr. McCandless says autistic children's mercury in the hair is LOWER than most kids because they don't excrete it from the body. Yet in DMSA chelation, they have 5X the amount of mercury of an average kids.

I just leave it to the judgement of individual doctors at this point, I don't pretend to be an expert there, just trying to add info from what I just read.



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Thanks for the replies.


To looking also,

I have found a site for aluminium levels at

GMTV Your Health powered by medicdirect.co.uk.htm.


some of the levels are:


<2.2 Slight risk in renal impared patients


>2.2 Risk of toxicity in kids

>3.7 High risk of toxicity in kids and needs to be fixed

>7.4 High risk in all patients.


Known to be neurotoxic

Side effects are renal impairment, Alzeimers and dementia.

Memory loss. Can affect bone growth in children or cause some bone disease in adults.

Found in deoderant, water supplies and cooking utensils.


Hope this can help.


Now I have to find a good homeopath to get rid of it.


I'll consider chelaton as a last resort.




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