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I've just ordered some Candida Clear as so many people have good results with it. We have tried everything on the market for this problem with dd (7) over the years, I've started really slowly but still end up with unbearable die off reactions for dd. Our DAN'S been left puzzled and now suggests a complete sugar free diet and low dose probiotics. She dx a leaky gut, and thinks the toxins are really flooding her body, but it's something that we have to resolve.


I don't want to mess with dds diet as she eats a good range of fruit/veg etc, but now desperate to sort the candida out. I use Epsom salts about once a week to detox dd even when she's well, and they did calm her down through her last die off a little.


Is there anything safe that I can give her to remove the toxins out of her gut before they start to cause havoc in her body. (die off looks like a severe allergic reaction) Dd even reacts to probiotics, and I have to give her small pinches 3 times a day.


She's now going down healthwise, and picking up constant infections, I'm sure the yeast issues are a big factor. I checked out some charcoal products, but they do not recommend them for children. Since being on long term abx we are now getting silly giggles, itchy skin and very tired/tearful little girl. The abx are a positive for one symptom but a massive negative for her gut.


Would dearly love some help with this one.


Thanks Jules

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could you try the epsom salts daily? that would help the detox greatly IMO


also try hot lemon juice (you can add some honey to sweeten) as well as maybe Milk Thistle to help the liver during detox


natural kefir is often tolerated well as a probiotic

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I think I'll try the kefir and reduce probiotics. She's got bitter taste buds, so the lemon's a plus. She had a live blood test during her last die off, and her blood was saturated with allergen cells, and her temperature soared, so I'm hoping we have a more gentle result with this.

We'll now buy salt by the ton!


Many thanks for your help,


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