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What works for tics in your experience?

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I thought we could make a topic (kill me if it already exists) where we could list out experiences with different supplements that have worked/worked well in regards to tics and tourettes. Type out the supplements you've tried on yourself, your kid etc and mention which ones worked. It's cool to see which supplements that work for alot of people, thus narrowing down the efficacy or different brands etc.


I'll start:


*Taurin (powder). Taurin works very well against tics (especially motor) imo. I can literally go from very ticcing and convulsant to become calm, focused and almost with no tics or will to tic. Best thing of all? At least in Sweden, it's dirt cheap. About $7 for 0,5 kg = 1,1 pounds. I just mix in water and drink whenever I have alot of tics and stress. It can make me a little bit edgy though, which might be because I take 2-3 gr of Taurin sometimes. I'm a tall boy/man tough.


*Magnesium, although it doesn't work as quick as taurine it definately helps against tics and also behavior. I get much calmer when I've taken magnesium. I take magnesiumglycinate atm. A big webshop for people working out has decided to take in alot of Jarrow's products to Sweden, which is full of awesome! They are cheap and quality.


*B-complex. Helps against tics, calms you down.





What makes tics worse?


*Coffee. Ugh, good dopamine-feeling, but alot of tics. Sucks though because I love coffee


*Sugar, especially candy.


*Possibly wheat/milk as well. I'm gonna switch these for quinoa for a time to see if I notice a difference

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I just want to add a word of caution about the very pricey product referred to in the post above


it is an immune boosting antioxidant product so not good for those with autoimmune issues as well as tics


also, the product contains maltodextrin, which is NOT ok!!


the affiliate marketing link had to be removed

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Clonidine reduces tics.


Seafood increases them :mellow::( :(


GNC Men's Multivitamin increases them (it contains a lot of stuff; I'm not sure which ingredient is responsible for the increase)


Everything else is neutral. I eat MSG all the time and it has no effect.


I avoid caffeine so I'm not sure if it affects it or not.

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