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Augmentin questions

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Our pediatrician originally prescribed Augmentin ES-600 (1-1/4 tsp 2xday). My son improved from original tic onset by 80-90%. Last week we saw Dr. Murphy and she changed his prescription to Augmentin 400 (1 tsp 2xday). Within 36 hours I saw a decline in my son. On Sunday afternoon I started him back on the Augmentin ES-600 and he showed marked improvement. He is doing very well today.


Augmentin ES has double the dose of amoxicillin as regular Augmentin and the same amount of clavulanate as regular Augmentin. I read a back thread that discussed being cautious about giving too much clavulanate.


My questions are in layman's language what would be a maximum dosage of regular Augmentin 400 for a (5-yr old) 45-lb child? In ml or tsp? What would be a maximum dosage of Augmentin ES-600 for a 45 lb child? In ml or tsp?


Is Augmentin XR a possibility? It is my understanding (from a previous thread, I think...I am in information overload with reading threads) that Augmentin XR is not used in younger children.


I will be going to our pharmacy in the morning to speak with pharmacist also, but any information is appreciated. I intend to call Dr. Murphy's office tomorrow and explain the decline and improvement in the two Augmentins and implore that the the dose be high enough, within safe range, to benefit him the most.


When I see him doing so wel, I of course, want to continue in that direction.


Help with the mathematics of Augmentin dosages is much appreciated.



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