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This consolidated list by State is a list of doctors that was taken from the original great thread (see link) about doctors that parents have had experiences with. Refer to the original post for more detailed comments from parents who have children with PANDAS.




I don't update this list any longer but I know the link above still gets additions posted to it.




Dr. Dinesh Talwar, Pediatric Neurologist

University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona.




Robert Hellmers, MD Arizona Allergy Associates (Deb. Lowe contact) – Only treats PANDAS patients (antibiotics, steroids, ivig)

Phoenix AZ 480-344-4460


Dr. Christopher Spiekerman

West Valley Office

4137 N. 108th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85037



VERY proactive with PANDAS and willing to discuss with other docs, He recently gave permission (actually requested) to send parents who need PANDAS help his way.





Nancy Mullan MD - Two parents that have PANDAS children from this and the TS forum, have been helped very successfully by this Dr.


2829 W. Burbank Blvd, Suite 202

Burbank, CA 91505

Telephone: (818) 954-9267

Fax: (818) 954-0620



Dr. Brock Bernsten - Pediatrician, willing to listen and support whatever recommendations immunologist made including open IVIG order if required. Willing to do additional research but not very familiar with PANDAS

3838 California St.

San Francisco, CA

Phone: (415) 666-1860S


Frederick A. Lloyd, M.D. - Has several PANDAs patients, knows Margo Thienemann, listens well, responsive, will provide antibiotics in conjunction with other Dr. recommendation, open to IVIG prescription if recommended by another Dr.

Palo Alto Center

795 El Camino Real

Palo Alto, California 94301

Phone: (650) 853-2992


Margo Thienemann MD - Specializes in Forensic Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Adolescent Psychiatry & Pediatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry.... OCD & Has well over 20 PANDAS Patients

900 Welch Road

Suite 207

Palo Alto CA 94304

Phone mail: 650 324 3241


Dr. Frederick Lloyd, Pediatrician - helped with diagnosis, prescribed antibiotics, did a prednisone trial, and IVIG at Lucile Packard.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto


Thomas Lin, M.D.

UCLA Board Certified Pediatrician

Gave us a diagnosis when no one else could. Very friendly, easy to talk to, and seemed to know PANDAS quite well. His son is autistic and has OCD symptoms. Believes in infections other than strep causing issues too. No treatment protocol to post yet.

4634 Barranca Pkwy

Irvine, CA 92604

office: 949-681-0777

fax: 949-681-0788


e-mail: autismmd@cox.net




Dr. Issac Melamed, Immunologist with IVIG infusion center – very proactive and thorough

Centennial, Colorado




Thomas Smith M.D. - Dr. Smith is not knowledgeable about pandas but will give IVIG if child has been diagnosed with PANDAS first is advised by another doctor on proper IVIG protocol.

Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

The Children's Hospital, Littleton Clinic

7720 South Broadway, Suite 110

Littleton, CO, 80122

Phone 720-777-9840, Fax 720-777-9855





Dr. Nancy O'Hara in Connecticut. An excellent DAN. The treatments include gluten/casein free diet, numerous supplements and neurofeedback.



Denis Bouboulis (an excellent immunologist) in Darien, CT one hour from NYC...

This recommendation is from this thread: http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?...art=#entry41096

17 Old Kings Hwy South

Darien, CT 06820

Phone: (203) 655-9904

Fax: (203) 655-8948




Dr. T Murphy now in Tampa Florida. She is very good… Ped psychiatrist and sees many PANDAS and TS cases and was on the Swedo studies and does research in these areas. Great interview with Dr. Storch who is working with Dr. Murphy. He mentions her and PANDAS in the interview and how to get a hold of them. University of South FLorida

800 sixth Street South, Box 7523

St. Petersburg, FL 33701


Phone 727-767-8230

fax- 727-767-7786

email: tmurphy@health.usf.edu


Dr. Bradstreet, Dr. Rossignol and Scott Smith, PA. DAN practitioner, has two boys that have PANDAS! Tests ASO and antiDNase titers but does not believe they have to be high, treats with antibiotics, steroids as treatment and as a diagnostic tool for the usefulness for IVIG. Doctors in this practice are extremely accessible. First appt in person but most/all appts can be done over the phone. The nurses are extremely helpful and efficient. They usually return all emails within 24-48 hours



Dr. David Berger – Dan! Doc. Knows Swedo’s work, believes in PANDAS, not sure what his stance is on antibiotics but it’s worth the call if you are in his area.

3341 W Bearss Avenue

Tampa, FL 33618

(813) 960-3415 - Phone

(813) 960-3465 - Fax




Jason Spielman, Psy.D. - OPEN to pandas and will give antibiotics but not IVIG or any other.

Licensed Psychologist

Director of Program Services


NeuroBehavioral Institute

2233 North Commerce Parkway

Suite 3

Weston, Florida 33326

954-217-1757 - office

954-385-3807 - fax




Dr. Richard Wager, Pediatrician

6000 Lake Forrest Dr NW, Suite 110

Atlanta, GA 30328




Dr. Kovacevic in Chicago was very helpful.


333 Chestnut, Suite #103


Phone Numbers

Telephone: 630.986 1010

Fax: 630.986 1015

www.webpediatrics.com (phone consults are possible)




No guarantees but these doctors follow the DAN! protocol. Worth calling- autism doctors are usually familiar with PANDAS.


Carolyn Walker

Prevention & Healing of Iowa

6901 Hickman Rd.

Urbandale, IA 50322

ph: 515-727-4141

fax: 515-727-4848


Jon S. Ahrendsen, M.D.

Wright Medical Center

215 13th Ave., SW

Clarion, IA 50525

ph: 515-532-2836

fax: 515-532-2523


Dr. Sasha Khosravi psychiatrist in Des Moines connected our son's "array of dots" and suspected PANDAS.




Chief of peds neurology Dr. Vivay Puri in Louisville KY - saw her and told us about PANDAS and invited us back the next day to be seen by Dr. Mink, a Tourette's specialist from NYC, who is NOT a pandas believer (see entire post in original thread)





Dr. Catherine Lockwood in Richmond, Maine. Though she knows little about PANDAS, was willing to and try the saving Sammy dose of Augmentin XR.


Dr. Dan Geller at Mass General 617-724-6300 (augmentin only?)




Dr. Beth Latimer, neurologist in Maryland has been very helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable.

6420 Rockledge Dr # 2500

Bethesda, MD 20817-7837

Phone: (301) 530-9200


Dr. Azim Baig of South River Peds south of Annapolis. (give proph abx with aso titers)




Dr. Dan Geller at Mass General 617-724-6300 (augmentin only?)


Dr. Robert Fuhlbrigge in Boston, MA Assistant Professor of Pediatrics(pediatric rheumatologist at Children's Hospital Boston)

Dr. Raif Geha in Boston (pediatric immunologist at Children's Hospital Boston; specializes in immunodeficiency)

Childrens Hospital Boston

Rheumatology /Fegan 6

300 Longwood Ave.

Boston ,Ma 02115

0ffice # 617 355-5727

page 617 355-6369

email robert



Elizabeth TePas, MD (pediatric immunologist)

Mass General Hospital for Children/Newton-Wellesley Hospital.v




Dr. Stacy Houston, Doctors of Children, Lincoln, Nebraska


Dr. Koybashi, Immunologist, Omaha, Nebraska


Dr. James Nelson, Neurologist, - very helpful, diagnosed her clinically, willing to work with antibiotics and IVIG as necessary. Used to be in NC but recently moved to NE.


New Jersey


Dr. Rosario Triffileti, pediatric neurologist, Ramsey, NJ



Dr. Jyonouchi

90 Bergen Street

Newark, NJ

973 972 5779 she is an allergist/immunologist


Works out of UNJMD (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) (Macecsko doc)


New York


Dr. Kenneth Bock in Rhinebeck, NY (specializes in integrative medicine and also a DAN! doctor)


Dr. Nira Goldstein at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY is an ENT She has seen several PANDAS patients in her practice. She generally refers them to Max April at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City. Dr. April appears on TV periodically in the area as an expert. Dr. Trifilletti also mention Dr. April as a good doctor in this area.


Fred Bomback MD in Hartsdale, NY Treaded with Cefdinir and a vitamin combo of Cholene/Isolene


North Carolina


James, Lee, MD Piedmont Neuropsychiatry - 1 hr 30 min from Charlotte, NC, does not bill insurance but is an important resources in the area http://www.piedmontneuropsychiatry.com/


Dr. Mauve O'Conner - Carolina Asthma & Allergy - Charlotte NC (also office in Concord) - she is very interested and curious. Willing to review all medical records and work with other doctors in a team approach (works with Dr. Corbier)


Dr Branner - Pediatric GI specialist - great guy, PANDAS believer, really did good work to figure out stomach issues. Did not dismiss immediately as anxiety. Found Peptic Ulcers - Charlotte NC - Presby Pediatric GI.


Dr. DeeDee Russell - not a PANDAS person, but excellent with ERP therapy for kids and helping with anxiety. Cornelius NC


Dr. Pat Gammons - all the doctors at Duke, in PCAAD. Again, not really PANDAS believer - but not skeptic either. Just wants to help on the therapy side, and did amazingly well working on the OCD.


Northeast Pediatric Neurology in Concord... both neurologists treat PANDAS (Dr. Corbier and ??) Very busy office, takes a long time to get an appt and the appointments tend to run late. Dr. Corbier really knows what he is doing and he gets that light bulb look and has ideas of what to look for. Not big on treatment and with low titers he dismissed the idea at first.


Chris Jenny PA - Dan! Doctor in Charlotte, PANDAS knowledge, is aware of Dr. Cunningham's tests and research. Will treat with antibiotics but not agressively. Helpful as backup for issues related to diet, supplements, yeast, behavior.....


Eliana Perrin, MD Professor of Pediatricis Chapell Hill (did some of the origional work with Swedo) - NOT SEEING PATIENTS AT THIS TIME.




Dr. Nevada Reed at Kids Link in Akron OH treats PANDAS She does not accept insurance. http://www.kidslinkohio.com/family/index.shtml


Glenn J. Trippe, M.D., F.A.A.P.

"very interested in learning and treating this.. ....used longterm antibiotic without me even mentioning it.. He is the one who introduced me to PANDAS and told me what it was.. and who is treating my DD at this time."

New Beginnings Pediatrics

Norwalk, Ohio





Second hand info about the following doctor, he does do IVIG. He is in Philadelphia.


Agustin Legido

St. Christopher's Pediatric Associates

Chief, Section of Child Neurology

Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology

Dept of Pediatrics

Erie Avenue at Front Street

3rd Floor ACP, Suite 3314

Philadelphia, PA 19134

Tel: 215-427-5470


Also in Reading: Only 1 day a month


Reading Hospital Medical Center

Deptartment 132

PO Box 16052

Reading, PA 19612-6052



Dr. Josephine Elia at Children’s Hospital

Will discuss the course of the illness; conservative with antibiotics or pex/ivig



Tamar Chansky, Ph.D. is the Founder and Director of the Children’s Center for OCD and Anxiety

Philadelphia, PA – website: www.worrywisekids.org

Liberal with antibiotics and open to discussing.



Dr. Daniel B. Kalb






Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Mark Mazade, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist with Cook Children's Medical Center

800 7th Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104-2704 - (682) 885-1485

Seems gentle and kind, very pleased with him.


Arlington, TX

Dr. Wilfred Raine, Pediatrician in the Cook Children's group.

848 W. Mitchell St. Arlington, TX 76013 - (817)-795-8498

Dr. Raine is friendly, compassionate, supportive and was the only (of many) pediatricians in Arlington who took me seriously.




Dr. Susan Perlmutter in Northern Virginia is knowledgeable, very helpful in diagnosis, limited medical intervention available.


Dr. Julie Lewis, The Ross Center for Anxiety, psychologist - Very helpful in devising strategies and helpful with the school as well.


Pediatrician, Dr. Julie Fortner - Someone who will LISTEN! Staff (receptionist and nurse) extremely sympathetic, warm and friendly.



Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. William C. Koch





Dr. Tracie O'Neill, Pediatric Associates in Issaquah, Washington - She is fantastic!


Dr Cynthia Keller and Dr Sharon Hemplar at Redmond Pediatrics in Redmond Nr Seattle, Washington is treating PANDAS Patients with Antiobiotics, Steroids IVIG and PEX


Dr. Kim Kacoroski, ND is treating homeopathically in Kirkland, WA


Dr. Judyth Reichenberg- Ullman and Robert Ullman in Edmonds, WA have cured cases homeopathically


Dr Niran Al-Agba at Silverdale Pediatrics – Learning about PANDAS and willing to treat with long term antibiotics and treating quickly w/o waiting for positive strep test

Silverdale, WA



Psychiatrist, Robert Reichler, at the Pacific Institute for Mental Health in Edmonds, WA. We had a consult with him and he was very helpful. He has seen a number of PANDAS cases and believes that PANDAS is real.


United Kingdom



Gavin Giovannoni, MBBCh, PhD^

Queen Mary University London, Neuroimmunology Unit, Neuroscience Centre, Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, United Kingdom

e-mail: g.giovannoni@qmul.ac.uk <mailto:g.giovannoni@qmul.ac.uk>


Isobel.Heyman@iop.kcl.ac.uk Dr. Isobel Heyman

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Dr. Perrin - the one who did work with Swedo -she is not seeing patients right now. I contacted her not too long ago and she said to get the word out that she was not able to see private practice patients at this time. She is listed under the North Carolina section.

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Dr Chris Robinson is an MD & DC and practices as a Chiropractor in Dallas. In the past 2 1/2 weeks since I heard the word PANDAS I have taken my ds to her 3 times and she has started doing research on PANDAS and how to help my ds. She is very involved in helping the body heal itself, she also does cranial sacral work. If anyone is interested in alternative methods- she is a great resource and PANDAS friendly!!


I got permission to post her information-



12800 Preston Road, Suite 200

Dallas, TX 75230




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These are two people that I've found to be helpful in Austin, TX:


Brooks Booker, Austin Regional Clinic, pediatrician

ARC Anderson Mill, 10401 Anderson Mill Rd., Suite 110B
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 250-5571

Dr Booker is very nice and I recommend him as an all-around pediatrician. He has treated PANDAS/PANS before. He can run the titers in-house.


Dilip J Karnik, Pediatric Neurologist

(512) 628-1850

Far West & Mopac area

Dr. Karnik is a highly respected neurologist and it can take up to nine months to get an appointment with him. See if your pediatrician can expedite things for a PANDAS/PANS situation.

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