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Who's had success with mag taurate?

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I can't decide if I should give ds taurine and then give magnesium as separate supplements or if I should just find magnesium taurate by itself. I wanted to know who has had actual improvement with these as a combo? I have been very neglectful in providing my ds with magnesium and we're in yet another waxing mode so I'm back to thinking about what is missing b/c nothing has changed recently.



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Hi Bonnie


when my son is without magnesium his tics go up


we havent used mag taurate, only mag and taurine separately


some people do not tolerate taurine tho so I would think for them maybe the mag taurate would also be a prob


even if you dont give taurine, IMHO giving mag is really important in TS


my son takes daily mag supp as well as the epsom baths or footbaths and he notices a big difference when he skips it

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I've never heard of taurine (I'm pretty new at this) but I give my son 250 mg of magnesium, twice a day, and some B-complex vitamins once a day. I do this knowing that that is technically too high a dose of mag. I figure it's poorly absorbed and I'm watchful for signs of overdose. I really, really feel I see a difference. In fact, he'll often be really cracking his neck a lot before I give it to him, but not doing it soon after. I didn't tell him until today that I thought it was helpful for tics (he wanted to know why he had to take it but not his sister). He chews up the tablet (yecch) and I give him 3 mini marshmallows to kill the taste, after.


At the same time, before I started giving him supplements, I could see his tics wax and wane a bit. So who knows? I think I feel much better, doing something that might work, than doing nothing. Although I need to call his neurologist to get him to weigh in on this.







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The magnesium taurate has been of great benefit to Daniel. I buy the brand Cardiovascular Research at the Vitamin Shoppe. Not many places carry it so it is nice that they do.


I agree with Chemar you really need to have him on magnesium. It is a calming agent to the nervous system plus it is used in so many ways to even mention within the body. Once your body is drained of it you will have a much greater likelyhood of tics. Just remember to buy a magnesium that ends in "ate" like magnesium citrate, glycinate, or taurate and not one that ends in "ide" like Magnesium Oxide. The ones ending in "ide" simply do not absorb in the body.


My preference, by far, for my son is the Magnesium Taurate.



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