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Liquid Augmentin

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I just got back from the pharmacy filling a prescription for my son for Augmentin for a sinus infection. It was a 14 day script, but Target only had 5 days worth. They said they just got a shipment of it in today but they are getting tons of prescriptions for it. Anyway, the pharmacist told me that Augmentin goes bad after 10 days anyway so we could come in for the rest of the script in a few days.


So, if you are giving your kids liquid Augmentin long term, talk to the pharmacy about getting it refilled every 10 days so it doesn't start to lose it's effectiveness.

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Yep. They give us 30 days a time, but in 3 bottles. The first 10 days is mixed already, then we get 2 packets of powder and 2 bottles of sterile water so that we can mix the next 20 days ourselves as we run out. This cuts down on pharmacy trips (a little!)

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