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Is anyone familar with Ancient Minerals - Magnesium Oil? If so, is it safe for children? Any ideas on how to get comfort for a child with severe head shaking tics? I've done a number of tests, have him on some of the supplements suggested here and just this week, his tics went CRAZY. He is 11 1/2 and has never had tics flare up this bad, so quickly before. We just had the ASO and DNase B antibodies blood test drawn today but won't find out results for a while. I don't know how he actually makes it through a full day of school. Please help, I am SO STRESSED!

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so sorry re the increased tics


The head shaking/whiplash tics were amongst the most alarming to me so I deeply sympathize


have you tried rubbing magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) cream or soak a washtowel in warm epsom water ( 1/2 cup epsom to 2 cups water dissolved in a bowl and keep soaking the cloth in it and then squeeze out the excess liquid and lay it on the back of his neck while he tries to relax ...if he is ok watching TV let him lie on the floor with arms folded in front of himand lay the cloth on his neck--) this really used to help my son


also if he tolerates the flowers used in Bach's Rescue Remedy..a few drops under the tongue really is very immediate in calming in general and therefore often calms tics too


I dont know of the magnesium oil you mention but as long as it is pure and no ick additives it should be ok


hope this passes quickly for him and for you

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I have tried the epsom salt bath but not soaking the towel. I will give that a try. I have tried the Bach's Rescue Remedy for my stress dealing with this and it didn't really help me. I can always try it on him. The magnesium oil seems "pure". I have included the link about it. http://www.ancient-minerals.com/#magnesium_oil

At times he shakes about every 5 seconds. Did your son ever have to stay home from school due to his tics. I have read so many threads and can't remember if you ended up home schooling at all.

I am pretty sure I read that your son's tics etc. increased when he was around 10. Out of curiousity, when can I hope for a downward swing? I know everyone is different.

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yes, I have reused the water tho not for more than a few days...also I just corrected my post above to 1/2 cup per 2 cups water....doesnt matter if you made it stronger, wont do any harm!....just a typo error sorry



and yes, my son's tics were at their worst around 10yo


he is 20 now and doing great tho he does have to maintain his supps and diet etc...if he slips up his tics increase but NOTHING near what they used to be


we did homeshool for 2 years when things were at their worst for him, and used an online "virtual" school

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