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Safety of Magnesium Taurate?

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I'd like to know if any of you have heard of any safety concerns with Magnesium Taurate as a supplement. Or any side effects in general. I'm thinking of trying it, but want to be sure first - I'm in England so it'll be difficult to get.

Also, is Bonnie Grimaldi still selling it? I've lost track, and her website's a long way out of date.

Thanks very much.


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My son has been on Magnesium Taurate for almost four years. It has helped him a lot. I have never come across any safety concerns about the product in my reading. But I may have certainly missed something.


Bonnie Grimaldi does sell Magnesium Taurate. You can also buy it through the Vitamin Shoppe website. They carry a brand called "Cardiovascular Reasearch".



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