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Nystatin Yeast - (mangoes and tics?)

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As I mentioned before, my son is on a 5 month prescription of nystatin. It was compounded by the pharmacist for him and needs to be refrigerated. According to our doctor, it is an extremely well tolerated medicine without side effects. When he first started it, my son did have some hyperventilating problems, but the doctor said that shouldn't be from the nystatin.


My son is taking the nystatin because his yeast overgrowth levels (from Great Plains Lab microbial organic acid test) didn't seem to go down as far as they should with the homeopathic drops. However, I did want to say that the doctor gave him nystatin (not as strong a prescription though) a few years ago. After finishing the nystatin then he still tested high for yeast overgrowth and he still lhad lots of tics. Our doctor, because she prescribed it again for him, obviously still holds out hope for the nystatin to work. I did notice, however, that Dr. McCandless said in a post to me back in in 2003 that she has "found most yeast nowadays has outsmarted nystatin, and it is almost useless for most kids." http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?...p?showtopic=187


We will retest after this nystatin prescription is done and I'll let you know how it has worked.


Do regular family doctors or pediatricians put forth the candida test to Great Plains, or only alternative medical practitioners actually do that?

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