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Chances of outgrowing motor tic, for 9 y.o.


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Dear Lenny,


I am new to this so please pardon me if I am not doing this right.


I am a mom to an almost five year old boy -- precious and perfect! Two weeks ago today, I picked him up from his preschool and noticed him blinking, rubs his face and then wipes his nose with his sleeves. Thankfully, no vocal tics. We had our pediatric opthalmologist appointment yesterday and we were told he has 20/25 vision. I was broken. I had hoped to get him glasses and that would be it. Like yours, we have no family history of TS or even facial tics that both grandmas can remember. His teachers in school says he is more advanced for his years and has not exhibited any OCD or ADHD behavior. He can be rowdy at times but no more rowdy than any boy his age. I am so touched when you said that these tics made you love your son even more because that is how I exactly feel. I too pray for this to go away but until then, I remind myself that when I was pregnant and I was offered a test to see if the baby is going to be normal, I rejected the test and said what difference does it make? Even if he turns out to be less than perfect, he is my child and nothing will chance that.


Thank you for the encouragement. I will be praying for your son too and all the parents who has to see their children go through something like this.


I cannot lie, it has and to some extent still is a living ###### for me. I still get that funning feeling in my stomach that goes up to my throat when I notice he has strange eye rolls or blinks. But it always goes away and it never is as bad as it was almost 4 years ago. He is getting to the stage in his little life when he is taking a little more control of his actions when he knows it could cause him to tic. The part that I don't like is that he is probably doing it more for me then himself. He knows that playing his PS3 and other video games will make his eyes tic, but he still wants to play them and I don't blame him.

He is still relatively mild, just some eye things every once in a while but not much else.

We keep him off gluten/wheat and give him his natural calm and Bonnies Vitamins and any other body type tics he has had have not come back for over 3 years now.

Has he grown out of it? I would like to think so, will it come back? I hope not. Am I ever going to stop caring, loving and praying for him? ###### no!

In so many ways I feel he has blessed me and my family more then I can explain in words.

Even as I get ready for church this morning, I am wandering if he will come down blinking or eye rolling, he watched a movie at school yesterday on a old tube tv and played his DS and some PS3 at home. His eyes were a little "wonkey" last night, but not steady or that bad. Today he will likely be better, if he is not, then I can usually trace that back to some food he has had, and then it will take a week or so.

I use to be so scared of the future for him due to the unknown, now I have a good idea of how this will play out, and that has made a lot of difference of how I handle it.

I think we both have a good chance of this ending or being very mild as our children get older. I know others on this board have so much more they have to go through, those are the people I am praying for now.


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It's been a while since I was last on this site. And it will be 2 months on March 15th since my son started the eye blinking and nose scrunching. To date, we have been to a pediatric opthalmologist, his pediatrician and an allergist. His pediatrician said it's allergies and prescribed nasal spray. The allergist said the symptoms are classical allergy symptoms and said my son has asthma too. She said to continue using the nasal spray and and allergy medicine for 2 weeks and if that doesn't work, we'll try something else (we're on our 5th day). We were also given an inhaler for asthma. My son will be 5 years old in a couple of weeks.


Thus far, his "tics" come and go. Most days if you weren't looking, you won't know he has them. Last Sunday would be the 3rd time I noticed since it started that it's picked up again. He's still doing the eye blinking, nose scrunching and he stretches his mouth sideways like kids in preschool would when asked to smile for a picture. It seems to me too that everytime his symptoms picks up, it is followed by coughing and sneezing a few days later. He also complains of a head ache. He complained of a headache too the 2nd time time his symptoms picked up. And him and my husband always starts the symptoms of coughing and sneezing a few days apart. The last week has been above freezing where we are so my husband blames that on his allergy symptoms. My son's however started back in January which was definitely a freeze.


As a background, both sides of our family has no history of TS or even tics of any kind. My father and sister both have severe asthma and majority of my husbands family have severe allergies including asthma, with one cousin getting allergy shots. His preschool is very "allergy conscious" as they have two children in class with severe allergies. Previous to Jan. 15 when I noticed his blinking, he was in the ER for a high fever. He was put on 10 days of antibiotics and Tamiflu (we were on a cruise to South America a week before that hence the Tamiflu). Those meds ended on Jan. 9 and he started blinking on Jan. 15. It seems that he blinks/scrunches more when he is idle (like being read to or watching TV) or during meals.


His blinking is "bad" again for 3 days now. No OCD or ADD or ADHD. His teacher says he is one oh her "best sitters" (by that I take it to mean, he sits still). So is there a way I can tell if this is the travelling tic or a precursor of Tourettes? Thank you as always. I don't know what to say or do except to pray for my beautiful son.



Hi ScaredMom


a lot of young kids have eye tics that are transient and go as quickly as they appeared.


especially as you have no family history and also that your child isnt exhibiting more than this one tic, I would just be as relaxed as you can be while observing for anything that may be atrigger for this tic


just to be sure

did your child have any recent vaccinations?

illness? especially strep?


does the preschool or your home have any new carpeting? new woodwork? Perfumed Air fresheners?



for some people those can trigger tics too


try not to let your child notice you are scared/worried or even observing him

just be as normal as possible around him and hopefully these will be transient tics and quickly go away

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it does sound more like allergy induced ticcing


headaches are a common symptom of allergies too


have you identified what he is allergic to? ie are you eliminating the allergens rather than just using the medications that stop the symptoms?


is he allergic to anything in your home? dustmite? that is a very common allergy to have and using hepa filter air purifier, especially in his room at night, can help.


how about any mold anywhere in your house?


does he have food allergies? possible MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which would make him react to airborne chemicals like perfumed stuff, household chemicals, pesticides, some toiletries and even chlorinated water, as well as ingested chemicals in the many artificial food additives



does your husband tic at all when his allergies act up?


lastly, has he been tested for things like strep, candida albicans "yeast" infection of the GIT, et



just some ideas I am throwing out in case any of those may be triggering for him


he is still young and so you implementing a healthy environment & pure natural diet for him now may well be what helps his tics resolve sooner

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