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Guest Banana

OCD controlling life

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Guest Banana

I have OCD & Tourettes & I feel like it's taking over my life! It seems like I'm the only one with a case this drastic

I'm not on any meds because I've never really felt the need for them until I started to get REALLY stressed, something that is known to trigger tics


I sometimes have obsessions/tics more than once every minute for up to an hour. For instance, sometimes when I type I have to stand up every few minutes & click around every time I do a certain thing. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!? It leaves me feeling exhausted.

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Dear Banana

welcome to Latitudes.


My son has TS and OCD and the OCD used to totally control his life. it was horrible and made him deeply depressed as he hated what it was doing to him.

He tried meds but it just made thing worse.


Then we learned about how certain natural supplements can help to elevate seratonin in the brain and so keep the OCD/depression & anxiety stabilised.


Since my son started these(along with others that help his tics) his OCD has become almost non-existant, and doesnt trouble him anymore.


It is important not to be on meds when taking these supplements, as otherwise too much seratonin results, which is not a good thing.


I dont know how old you are, but my son is 14 and weighs around 145lb so he takes


50mg 5HTP

500mg Inositol

500mg methionine

each evening


and 300mg St John's Wort in the mornings


The most important of these, in our opinion is the 5HTP! followed closely by the Inositol.


When he was very anxious, he also took 500mg GABA per day, but we keep that in reserve for emergencies and dont use it regularly.


I should point out that, although most people who have tried the 5HTP are delighted at how it calms OCD...still, all people are different and for some it doesnt work, or they get a bit "wired" from it.


But it is sure worth a try, and isnt even very costly....Natrol makes a good one that is available at most WalMarts and health stores.


As I mentioned, he also takes other supps for the TS and I believe that it all works together for the best effect.

I would be happy to give you more details if you need them.


I am not a doctor, so i am not trying to provide medical advice, buit rather just sharing what has worked for my son.


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Just wanted to add that avoiding junk food, especially artificial coloring and sweeteners like NutraSweet, splenda etc and MSG also helps keep OCD down!

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Shawn...my son found relief on just 50mg per day after only a couple of days.


Some people find they need to take more...usually 50mg twice daily.


You arent on any SSRI meds right? The 2 dont go well together.


Hope you find it helps quickly.

You may also consider adding 500mg Inositol per day as well.




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I am telling you---


Marinol-- is the difference from wanting to jump of a cliff (it could not be a high one, I have trouble in high places, I would have to rely on the manner and form of the fall, to do anything self-serving to this whole concept)--


but serious--I am in your club-- second by second panic--I even have a staff of reporters to give me updates and stuff--


Marinol-- it is comfortable -- but-- expensive--

see my treads on it--


this might work for you---I have messed with all the icky stuff too--


I think it would be proper for you-- hey--when you can through intellectual reasoning---you can separate the irrational---and when you know--what you are feeling (OCD symptoms) is not based on reality or reason--you can give it permission to, not necessary to go, or get rid of it, just try to reason with it as one would reason with a irrational child---easier said than done---


however--when I use Marinol--- it slows me down and takes the edge off enough---that I can look at the material that goes through my head---more as a witness---we all know it is not gonna stop--- however---the Marinol gives me a fighting chance to sort out these unnatural tendencies---the Marinol does not give you a false sense of security(for me )--


almost similar between getting really work up--and freaked out--about something that turned out to have no substance at all---


then later--you feel silly and relaxed about--what you just were freaking out over---even "normal" people go through this deduction--


anyway--my point is--Marinol allows me a chance to do this---something that otherwise would kidnap my mind--- has less pull--less strength-- to pull me away from a sense of reality--that actually kind of feels normal--


anyway--if you want to learn more--let--me know-

hope that made sense--I am as wacked out as you--

but---about 4 hours after taking Marinol--I start to come back down to planet earth a little if you will--


goodluck--you are not alone in this, scary scary nightmarish world that OCD TS brings--check out my thread on Marinol on the braintalk board to--if thou wilt?


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