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I don't want to appear insensitive to everyone who is really struggling right now. But I was reading Mom MDs post about the eyes and some of the responses and it struck me that my family has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving -not in spite of PANDAS, but in part because of PANDAS.


"This has forced me to slow down and focus on my family. This has also made me realize each day is a blessing, especially the normal ones that are often forgotten. It has made me more thankful for what I have and protective of it." MomMD


"I am so glad you are getting to just be a normal mom for once". It made me cry. I do find such joy in small things. Maybe having reminders of that time will help me keep that simple joy in our lives.


I wonder what each of us will now contribute to the understanding of this disease, in small and large ways. There is an odd sense of "calling" in the recovery mode, that I hope we can hold onto." Meg's Mom


As we help my son recover and fight tooth and nail to keep him healthy, I can't help but remember last Thanksgiving, which was by far our worst exacerbation ever. My son crawled under the coffee table in a fetal position, crying and screaming that we were going to hurt him. He raged over not being able to script an event that involved making apple pie. His hyperactivity and lack of impulse control meant we couldn't leave our 3 yo daughter alone with him for a second for fear she'd be hurt. We were living a scene from the Exorcist.


But my joy this year isn't only that we're now in remission/recovery. It's that in the past year, my family has been transformed, largely for the better. We are wiser, stronger, and more understanding of mental illness and disabilities. We try to be more patient with each other. We take more time to try to understand each other. We remind ourselves that we're all (usually) trying our best. We take the time to talk to each other. We are more free from the misery of trying to keep up with the neighbors (who also have their own hidden burdens to bear). Most of all, I am constantly reminded to be thankful that PANDAS is treatable. There are so many families struggling to raise children who have permanent physical, emotional and mental disabilities. So many families raising children on the autism spectrum who know they have a bright child trapped inside and have even less answers than we do in trying to free their children from disease.


So I am thankful for the lessons PANDAS has taught me, in spite of the heavy price my son has paid. I am thankful that I have him back again. And I am thankful for the PANDAS community and the special individuals who have helped me get through this.



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This is what I wrote in my journal on Thanksgiving last year. Shortly into our second exacerbation...


To end this, let me add that even though things still might not be fully back to normal and we have had a lot of hardships lately, I still have so many things to be thankful for. What I am most thankful for is my family. I am blessed to have all my family with me every day and that they are alive. That all issues that we do have will be resolved and healed. I am thankful for the patience and strength God have given each of us. Life is full of struggles. We have all experienced that. I also know that there are so many parents and families that would look at our situation with envy. Envy that we at least have our child and we can still hug and kiss him and hold him in our arms. Believe me. I know how blessed we are.

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I am thankful....

That I had no idea what I was getting into so I was not scared out of ever having kids by myself.

That I had the courage to follow my instincts and keep searching and find out what was wrong with my kids.

That I have become a better parent through the struggles we go through instead of a worse one.

For just a bunch of other stuff, my job, my house, my dog, my Mom, this forum, that I'm feeling better....


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I have been reflecting this past week that this year is radically different for my family than the last two Thanksgiving -- Christmas seasons--


For the first time in two years I have a hopeful heart--Two kids that are both on antibiotics, but doing alright. Now that is something to be thankful for indeed.


Two years ago we saw our oldest d take a sudden dive into anorexia, and obsessive exercising. The anorexia lasted almost exactly 3 months, and left just as suddenly (9 years old.) The following summer full Ps hit -- crippling OCD, tics, etc. Steroid burst and antibiotics cleared her. Last Christmas same d was hit by Ps symptoms again when she caught a cold--full blown OCD, tics, etc. Cleared again with antibiotics and steroids.


It is amazing to have found a knowledgeable doctor that has helped. Thank you--

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