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Is ADHD really an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

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I think the symptoms should be within the autistic spectrum but i also believe that some adhd if not all are allergy/environmentally induced? My son seems to have a low intolerance level to most foods and some environmental factors , i am researching this so please share with me your views. I have researched into my sons condition now for about 8 years and seem to be just getting there. see my other posts for further info


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Hi sallyanna!

Me too!-- trying to understand how ASD and AD[H]D (and others) inter-relate; it is complex. I think the answer to your question adhd if not all are allergy/environmentally induced? is yes. I have auto-immune system-related 'induced' "ADD" and some PTSD-affected "ASpie" [asocial] behaviors. The auto-immune aspect also makes me hyper-sensitive to bee stings, molds, pollen, etc. These combine to raise the level and 'cycling' of related biochemicals, such that fluctuations in dietary/nutrition-related levels, esp. -amine derivatives, can cause chronic and acute symptoms. There are a number of folks on the forums here that are interested and experienced at the non-medication alternatives, esp. nutrition/dietary ones. In my case, I take some auto-immune boosting supplements that help 'raise' the level of resistance such that when the histamine and bacterial badboyz attack, they get foiled before they can scale the walls of my immune system. HA HA!!!! Tell your son about that tricky trick! Best wishes!

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