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Side-Effects of Adderall XR...

Guest Liz

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Although I think it also has to do with me having the flu very recently and still not fully recovering along with the extreme stress of exams. I'm planning on taking a 'drug holiday' next week and then hopefully things will go back to normal. I'm going to try and not abuse it anymore because i seriously don't want to end up consuming copious amounts of adderall just to get effects that I could be getting with lower doses. Tolerance is a ###### but I'm sure I can rid myself of it. I'm counting on it.

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hey i'm 16 been on it adderall xr for 3 years and the fells should go away if not stop for a bit. Try chewing normall gum, find the brand and flavor you like, and have one after you eat brecfast, if you eat it, and one after lunch if your school allows you to have gum. if the school doesn't because of rules but you have a teacher that doesn't care unless you chew like a cow then find those teachers that you have and when then have a peice of gum for those hours (save the warper to put the gum in to after that class tell you have a class that you can. If it helps you then tell your docter, before the end of the month and ask to be taken off. YOU must tell him no one else! hope this helps you out!

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