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Backslide with Dental Work... So Upset

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I am just so upset that I did the dental work for my son last Wednesday. He has been in a spiral since. He was doing so well on the high dose Augmentin. Then we had three teeth pulled. I don't know if he is reacting to the laughing gas or if strep has gotten into the open soars. I really felt like it was safe to do this long awaited dental work because he was on the Augmentin.


He has huge canker soars on the inside of his bottom lip, there is one in particular that is about 1/4 inch in diameter. His bottom lip is still swollen and it has been 4 days since the work.


There was another Mom named Susan whose daughter had a bad reaction to dental work. Susan, if you see this post will you let us know how your little girl is doing.


My son is doing a lot of the retracing again and retouching of objects and so volatile. I just feel so sick over this.


I will not be taking him to the dentist for a long time, not until he is completely recovered.

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Momtocole, I am so very sorry and I know how you are feeling. I am glad to say that my dd is doing better than she was on Friday. I was very scared on Friday because of the OCD that was being displayed. But that is calmed down a lot. However, she is very emotional and controlling and can't speak without whining. I have hopes that this will continue to calm down as the days go by. Before the dental work I won't say she was doing super well anyway but it did reallyl ramp up afterwards. I think it was the gas for her that did it and as it's working it's way out, she's doing better. One thing I have noticed is that her leg pain has come back after the dental work. She has had problems with roving pain and episodes of not being able to walk. I am hoping that this is not going to cause a recurrance of that.


Hang in there, I hope it will calm down for you guys....




Oh PS... My dd has lots of canker sore problems. I know when she will be starting up an episode by when she gets a canker sore.

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