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Alternative therapies for ADHD

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you know what makes me extremely frustrated is that i have researched alternative therapies for ADHD for about 8 years now and as I reach my final conclusions, i find the information was there all the time! This is so painful after so many years, when it could have been there from the beginning and yet still I haven't found a supportive Doctor to help us. All the therapies and supplements I carry out myself but I refuse to withdraw the Ritalin without professional guidance but when I try to gain their support, I am poo pooed by all the Doctors. This year I refuse to change my mind, I can't explain it but I feel a sense of urgency to get my son off Ritalin can any one advise me who on the NHS, UK can help us? Or do I have to resort to doing it alone once more?

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I know what you mean! I answered another of your posts about folks on the forums and alternative therapies.

Not to be cynical, but there is a perspective that meds/alternatives reflects the Western/Eastern approaches to medical care in general. Which is basically reactive versus proactive, or tear the disease down versus build the body up. This is a generalization but not a 'gross' one, I think (I'm certainly not alone in this view.) Also, the modern, Western approaches are highly specialized and synthetic, and the Eastern are more wholistic and natural, as pertains to Tx/Rx. And, there are +'s and -'s to both.

One thing that comes through my review of the various posts and literature is that the biochemical environment in our Western societies is significantly harsher and pervasive than in non-Western societies-- in general. There seems to be little doubt about this, but I get more and more aware of HOW profound this is when it comes to the various 'disorders' we're talking about here. And that makes way sense, when you consider how finely tuned these biochemical psychological processes are, and how slight perturbations can cause such significant gyrations when the general levels of pseudo-biochemicals are very imbalanced AND a person, child especially, has an intrinsic (esp. genetic) vulnerability.

It's apparent to me and others, esp. in these boards, that diet/nutrition/environment can cause irritation to the extent of driving hyper-sensitivities to acute episodic disorders.

Some people feel that there is a self-serving interest on the part of clinicians and drug companies, and there's no doubt about that, it seems to me. But then there are +'s and -'s to that, the super+'s being the spectacular biogenetic breakthroughs. BUT, in any event, wellness is one person at a time, and always extremely personalized, so tuning in is very important, and there's no doubt again that access to specialists is very difficult and expensive, so we are forced to put together our own personalized, alternative solutions, if only as augmentations or to help minimize or eliminate long-term dependence on synthetic medications.


Well, there I go again...!

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Guest Kim Engstrom

For anyone interested in alternative therapies, check out www.innersource.net

Donna Eden and David Feinstein teach wonderful classes all over the world as to learning to dialog with and manipulate the subtle energies that are the basis of many health problems, as well as learning/behavior blocks.


Their incredible programs are worth checking out! They've written a remarkable self- help book entitled "Energy Medicine" which is available on their website or in bookstores throughout the US.


Practitioners in this field exist throughout the world, and a list of recommended practioners can be found on Innersource's website. This work addresses the source of the energetic imbalances that contribute to learning and behavior issues such as those found in ADD, AD/HD.


Wishing you blessings and success in your journey to overcome these challenges...

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