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chicken pox vac

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I just read something that said that people with autoimmune conditions should not get the chickenpox vaccine...


what a huge coincidence that some of our kids may have unknowingly had strep when they got the vaccine or shortly after receiving it...and now strep...triggers an autoimmune response. By comparison Alex was old to present...8 years...I've been trying to figure out why, now...he'd had strep before, he'd had his first dose of the vaccine before...but this time he had them...together....while his seasonal allergies were raging...it's got to be connected...




did any of your peds ask about or seem concerned about any autoimmune conditions in your family history before administering the vaccine...mine didn't.

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No questions about autoimmune disorders...even when he had his reaction, they told me it meant his body took to the vaccine well. He got a chicken pox rash 2 weeks after getting the vaccine. In hindsight, I was so stupid in earlier years.


You, know what? You weren't stupid...you were a dedicated, responsible mom, following the advice of someone who was supposed to have the expertise to guide you. That's what doctors are supposed to do, guide you medically. I know doctors don't know everything, and I can even excuse them for not knowing about or recognizing rare or confusing disorders....but if they are vaccinating thousands of children with a wide variety of vaccines, I would think it is not unreasonable for them to develop some expertise in this area. Don't leave it up to the people who sell these things to keep you informed... Doctors refuse "unproven" treatments all the time- why aren't they looking carefully at the vaccine issues?

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