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How strep throat attacked my child´s brain

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Interesting...her name sounds familiar. I think she has posted here.


Ohh...I did think this was debatable: As the antibiotics don't work on the psychiatric symptoms, Chris started seeing a psychiatrist. But very quickly, Chris returned to his normal, happy self.


....maybe b/c the antibiotics do work on the psychiatric symptoms!

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Just for clarification this article is about my son- I was happy it was published because I feel like every bit of public exposure will help.

The main point that was missed in the piece was that my son is under the care of a rheumatologist- Neurology felt exactly the way one of the responders described. " that he fit the criteria for pandas but prophylactic abx are not in his opinion indicated (based on the literature)


I am not sure abut the ant inflammatory properties of antibiotics- What I do think antibiotics do are PREVENT future infection.


How I view PANDAS is that it is an inflammatory process triggered by an immune response directed at the basal ganglia with resulting inflammation) Resolution depends on different factors ( # of previous infections,strain of bacteria in community, genetics, chronicity of exposure....) that is why I think some kids recover quicker some need alternate antibiotics if their particular strain is more resistant to pcn or amox.. because all immune systems are not created equally. Which may explain why some kids require IVIG or plasmapharesis....


I would live to see more research into these factors so that a decision tree algorythim can be developed for primary care clinicians

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