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I remember someone used to recommend a website for all natural candies called "the squirrels next", but if you order on line, don't know if you'll get it in time for Halloween.


I think as far as the candy goes, its inevitable they'll eat some at first, just limit it and save the rest, eventually they forget about it. some dentists give kids money for turning in their candy, like 50 cents a pound or something, so maybe you can encourage him to do that. I did it one year, and you could add a few bucks to it to make it worth his while.


Really I wish someone would come up with a change in the tradition of trick or treating. In this day and age, our kids just don't need all that candy as a treat. the only one who makes out is the candy companies. .... there's gotta be a better way to do that holiday. :wacko:




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I came across these links on another site:


I'd be interested to hear if anyone runs across any good resources or recipes for Halloween this year. Seems like it's getting harder every year to come up with good treats that avoid common allergy ingredients (like corn, soy, etc.).


Here are some web sites I ran across this year with some interesting ideas for the holiday and tips for people with allergies:


http://www.365hallo ween.com/ halloween- food/healthy- halloween- ingredients. php

http://www.allergym oms.com/uploads/ newsletters/ halloweentipstre ats.html

http://specialchild ren.about. com/od/holidays/ qt/tricktreatgiv e.htm


I also put up my own pages for Halloween every year with some activities and a few recipe ideas. There's a links page to some other Halloween web site resources there too. If anyone's interested, my pages start at:

http://www.distasis .com/distasis/ hall.htm


Happy Halloween in advance.

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