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15 weeks post ivig

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Coco...is your dd on antibiotics? I hope so. What one?


yes, she is on 500 mg of Azithro. Dr. K. had her on 250 mg of Augmentin, but our immuno switched it about 4 weeks ago.


500mg/azith per day? how much does she weigh? We're on 250mg/day (dd is 54 pounds) Azith. long term. We just had IVIG in Aug. If things go well for 6-12 mo. maybe we'll start to decrease the Azith.


I think Dr. K. should use higher doses of Augmentin.

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Hi, Greeneyes:


I believe Dr. K's folks at OBSC used dextrose solution before and to flush after Ig? Not positive about that, though....



EAmom, yes Dr K uses Gamunex. What does that mean it is not compatible with saline? Is there another substance they hydrate with via IV? Maybe I got it wrong, Worried Dad, do you know? You did it with Dr. K. too. All I know is that before and after the infusion they gave him fluids via the IV (a bag before and after) to hydrate him. Dr K said it was because the better hydrated he was, the lower the likelyhood of headaches as a side effect. I'm not in the medical field, so maybe it was something else...but now you have me worried...but Dr. K has been doing this nine or ten years, I would have to think he would know that.....oh my....




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