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Looked into Boiron products - Gelsemium doesn't seem like they indicate it for anything to do with cough - but for Stage fright, apprehension and fever. Would you recommend all the ones mentioned below for preventing strep related symptoms?


My 2.5 yr old daughter has almost wheezing cough and sore throat cold that comes and goes around sep/oct and again mar/april. Would love to have homeopathic remedy to curb these rather than antibiotics. thanks.


WOW - how did i just lose my whole post when i tried to make something capital??


my son is 5 and is currently doing well. our biggest issues now are an inappropriate flight or fight which i am investigating as anxiety/OCD/separation of emotion and potty delay.


when he started symptoms last oct, i was investigation yeast as the culprit. we saw a naturopath who ran an IGG food sensitivity panel(not generally accepted in tradional medicine). he showed off-the-chart reactions to all dairy, eggs, peanuts and most grains. looking back, he was avoiding milk. unfortunate timing, we also started a month of keflex at the same time as food restrictions. after about 3 days of keflex, he was 100%. he relapsed a few weeks off keflex still with food restrictions. the ND's opinion was the food was the problem = his gut was a mess = his immune system was mess and let the strep get out of control. thus, fix the food, fix all else. i believe the strep was the root = causing the other issues. basically the chicken vs the egg. i currently keep him on this restricted diet b/c i believe it helps to not overwhelm his immune system not due to any positive behavior observances. i wrote more detail on the strep & stomach flu thread - #39894 - i don't know how to link it.


he is 12 weeks into a homeopathic protocol called Pleo Sanum - a German company - quite hard to find info. it's basically the long-term antibiotic theory with different substances than traditional abx. just now one week into the final ramp up. that is why i annoyingly repeatedly question others if they base results on behavioral observances or other factors. i believe this to be the most effective thing we are doing.


he's been on a probiotic from a company called pharmax since Jan. i don't see much results but believe in probiotics.


he's been on Calm magnesium/calcium for about a month. i don't see behavior changes but think it helps keep him regular since potty delay is an issue.


both my boys take Dr. Sears Go Fish. i love this stuff! it's only 1/2 tsp for 700 mg omega3. i put it in a little OJ. my 7 yo is the pickiest eater on the planet and he likes it. he did have small bumps on back of arms and under/around mouth (EFA deficiency ? strep related?) with have gone away. bumps around lip seem to return if we forget fish oil for a while. don't see other results but believe in omega3.


he goes for cranio-sacral therapy. only about 1/month b/c it's out of pocket - i would have him go 1/week or 1/2 weeks otherwise. he's been 3 times. last time, the next few days he seemed to have an eerie sense of calm and peace. i know this sounds whacked but something about the aura around his eyes seemed clearer. i don't usually think his eyes look lost but they seemed clearer.


not so related to pandas, when first struggling to find answers, i found much info from the autism community. i discovered many think zinc is helpful for food issues in autism. since my 7 yo is horribly picky(had adnoid issues and finally out 3 years ago - i think contributed), i put him on 15 mg zinc. could be my imagination, after a few months, he really seemed more adventurous to try new foods and did like things more. due to summer schedule - or mis-schedule - we got out of zinc habit. he is back to terribly picky. this past week, we're back on zinc and will see what happens.


previous to this, i used homeopathic remedies for myself and the boys. i like the company bioron - blue tubes that also makes oscillicocum(sp?). i gave 7 yo thuja before/after immunizations. was not so strict about this with 5 yo. love hepar SC for sinus issues - we take it every 3 hours for sinus stuffy/runny and it knocks it out. (i'll tell disclaimer that 5 yo had all sinus cavities infected when first treated with keflex - he didn't seem stuffy/runny/ other symptoms - don't think i'd been giving him this treatment at that time). a couple weeks ago, i was feeling something in my brochial/lungs and had occasional bark cough. i took sulphur for few days. my 7yo seemed to have be getting a cold this week - i gave him gelsenium = cleared up. i like hpathy.com and boironusa.com for info.



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homeopathy is a wierd science - most substances are used to treat a variety of conditions. the FDA requires a condition on a product, so they put one - i'm not sure how they arrive at this, if it's the most likely one or most used for that. professional homeopaths usually really know their stuff on what to treat with what product. there are many people/drs that don't believe in it and say it can't possibly work - i've used it myself and seen in it my kids with good results so i definitely believe. our ped was trained in India and had a homeopathy section of his training. he came to the states and got away from it but thinks they can be complements. he has a traditional focus but says his mother was a big believer in homeopathy.


i use gelsenium for fever and when a cold very first sets in. (although i don't usually treat fever except if i am concerned for some reason and want to make sure it will come down or boys are really uncomfortable - disclaimer that my kids never have high fevers, although 7 yo non-pandas was hospitalized at 5.5 weeks for fever)


i use hpathy.com as a reference. try cure-guide.com for flu/cold info. my local whole foods has a great book on display with their boiron products. you can look up conditions and treatments. i can't think of the name of it - but if you're interested, let me know and i'll get it.


we are not using traditional homeopathy for strep and pandas but using PleoSanum, which is a slightly different branch of homeopathy more called biological medicine. i am not sure what the standpoint of homeopathy is for infections. it goes off of treating symptoms. we first consulted a naturopathic dr who used more traditional homeopathy - giving remedies based on symptoms - and used substances similiar to bioron; we saw some improvements, but not to feel we were heading to any kind of remission. i feel we are headed that way with the pleosanum.

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