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Hi all,


I was wondering if some of you could list other treatments you have tried without drugs.

Over the past 4yrs I've tried Kinesiology (4 different types) orthobionomy, jinshin jitzu, chiropractor, but the funniest was this really strange guy 80yrs not out! who made you wait in a waiting room for hours on end with 3 toddlers who were not allowed to eat or drink in the WR.

Who then had these little vials of things eg viruses, allergens etc, he had hundreds of them and would sticky tape a vial to solar plexis then test with kinesiology. One vial per visit which usually took 10mins. The guy was extremely deaf and would rarely give out any information. The annoying thing was that the tics and symptoms would stop for a couple of weeks, so you never knew if it was a fluke or if it worked!

After a while the stress of driving two hours and waiting four got to me and we stopped!

We've also tried Thought field therapy and I did look at Bonnie's website but the cost per month was way to much for our budget.


Strangely enough I had always been strict on our diet as in trying to stay away from packaged food, juices and cordials, white bread etc. But I had never thought to have them allergy tested before. So our next step, now that the next boy has shown such massive tic symptoms is allergy testing, variation on a macrobiotic diet(although I think this will be a big challange to implement)


Maybe home schooling, watching the moon phase after reading the other thread last week! Little TV and computor, although they only get about 3hrs a week anyway and definately no playstation or X Box.

You have to laugh don't you or life would be miserable!

Clare from Aus

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Hi again Clare!


You certainly have used some interesting alternatives there!


For us we have found success with the supplement program mainly, reinforced with accupuncture and biofeedback. I dont use Bonnie's products for the same reason...budget.....but I am forever greatful to her for her willingness to share her research and formulations, as I base my son's supplement program on her recommendations, just fine tuned for his specific needs. I find that putting together the combinations he needs and buying good tho not expensive brands, works perfectly for my son and my budget!


We didnt use kinesthetics....but did have something very similar , known as radiogenics, which is widely used and respected in Europe. The practitioner works in partnership with the accupuncture/biofeedback therapist, and they in turn network with the Integrative medical Doctor who oversees it all (we also have a chiropractor on the team, who uses a very unique form of gentle pressure chiropracty) Anyway, the radiogenics also involves vials of stuff, and you insert your finger into an electrode tube and he takes readings. It was quite amazing how his results accurately mirrored the blood tests we had done for everything from the allergens to the toxins, parasites, Candida, heavy metals, vitamin/mineral deficiencies etc etc etc. He is a homeopath & nutritionist,and so provided us with remedies and dietary advise, plus he would then make the recommendatuions to his partner in terms of the accupuncture/biofeedback specifics. Reflexology was an inherant part of this treatment protocol, along with aromatherapy.

My son found the greatest relief ever from his symptoms with the accupuncture/reflexology/biofeedback.


There is a wealth of info in past threads on all the treatments that have helped so many here so be sure to start some "back reading"



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Hi Ausclare,


We tried a little Thought Field Therapy ourselves. Tough to say whether it reduced the tic response immediately after TV or not (which is my son's trigger), but my 10 year old son found it too ridiculous and refused to continue. I am not calling it ridiculous, but that was my son's reaction. Plus if he didn't give the practitioners the 'right answer' that he was better, they made him do it over and over again until he said it helped, so he learned the fastest way to get them to 'just stop'. That technique would certainly bias the data.


If you are getting a food allergy test, I really encourage you to

1) make sure you get the 150 food IgG test (for delayed allergic reaction) vs just the standard IgE test (for immediate reactions).

2) Try a yeast test. Food allergies can be indirectly causes or worsened by yeast issues. Chemar brought this up with me when I first started and I have to thank her (again) for it, as my son tested positive.

3) Consider a heavy metal test--many here have found this to be a factor after testing.


I don't really know what a macrobiotic diet is?



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Guest Guest_efgh

Chemar and Claire


Can you please elaborate further on Claire's second point...

Try a yeast test. Food allergies can be indirectly causes or worsened by yeast issues. Chemar brought this up with me when I first started and I have to thank her (again) for it, as my son tested positive


Chemar, Can you please substantiate or give me the link as to where you have discussed about this in this forum..



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I have done sooooo many posts on yeast that I dont know which thread we discussed this on, but, as Claire has stated, when you have yeast overgrowth, it just messes up your system so that you begin to exhibit a lot of food "reactivities" and sensitivities and allergies that you would not normally show. Also, if you are mildly sensitive to some things, the Candida can intensify it.


Once my son's Candida was controlled, he no longer was reactive to wheat, dairy etc.


I really recommend that book "The Yeast Syndrome"

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Guest Guest_ausclare

Hi there all,

thanks for the input about the yeast and other bits!


I forgot to mention that 90% of the therapists I went to, picked up a problem with the Gall Bladder meridian. This was for my first son ( he also vomits with fatty food)


Then I took my 2nd son to a kinesiologist last week and she picked up a problem with the same site. The rest of our family history with gall bladder is fine, so I was wondering if anyone else had noticed problems with their TS kids.

I understand that allergies are a large part of the problem. But I wonder if the gall bladder halps exacerbate the problem with the allergies or if the allergies increase the gall bladderr irritation?


It's kind of like the chicken or the egg question.




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Hi all, We were on vacation, so I'm just catching up on some of the threads. I'll add my 2 cents to Ausclare's question about what has worked for other families. For us, the Feingold Diet has been tremendously helpful. As long as we stay on the diet, our tics are not an issue (feingold.org).

Basically, the program eliminates artificial colors and flavors, and certain preservatives from the diet. The organization researches thousands of products for these items, and publishes a food guide every year with products that are acceptable. I don't know how helpful it would be for you in Australia, as the products that they research are in the USA. However, perhaps you can start reading labels and eliminate products from your diet that have artificial colors, flavors, and the preservatives BHA, BHT, and TBHQ.

Other families have also found that their children are sensitive to dairy products, or wheat products, corn syrup, etc. Once they find the trigger foods and eliminate them, the improvements are remarkable.

Best of luck.


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