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Does ins. cover test for pandas


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Does insurance cover the testing needed for possible pandas?

Kimwal, PANDAS is still considered a clinical diagnosis- the correlation of behavioral exacerbations with positivity for strep. Sometimes if you missed the strep when it is happening, you can run ASO and AntiDnase titers (these are tests for antibodies to strep exotoxins that can persist in the system after the infection and high levels indicate a recent infection in the past) which generally insurance will pay for...but these titers are not testing for PANDAS, only for a possible recent strep infection. Low ASO and AntiDnase titers mean nothing (does not indicate there was no strep infection), and high titers confirm recent strep infection.


It seems that many of our kids have immune system problems- immunoglobulin deficiencies- immune system testing is generally covered by insurance, but again, these do not test specifically for PANDAS- but if immune deficiencies are found and treated, it can sometimes resolve PANDAS symptoms.


The Cunningham test- is a study being conducted at the University of Oklahoma in Dr. Cunningham's immunology lab. She has found some things which seem to be biological markers for PANDAS and Sydenham's Chorea, but this test is still in the study stage (looks promising though). Many of our kids have participated in this study and have used the results to convince our physicians that there is indeed something going on w/ strep and our kids. This test is not covered by insurance. Since it is a privately funded study, they usually ask for a $200.00 donation to cover the expense of testing and postage (blood sample has to be overnighted to the lab).


Ask more if you need to!

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