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I have had OCD all my life and I have had a few successful and unsuccesful moments with respect to treatment. What makes my life so hard is I have been unable to go to any support groups or even talk about it with anyone because of my profession. My sister has a mild version with depression but with years of medication she is doing great. However, she also has not had a full-time job in her life and my father supports her. I, on the other hand have struggled with this on a daily basis. I wanted to know if anyone has had any problems with medication luvox. How long did it take to work. Also, does anyone on this website feel like the inside of their head is about to explode when they have obsessive thoughts?

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I have a problem where everytime i get in a social situation my brain tells me i am uncomfortable and i obsess about it and cant convince myself otherwise. Then when im not in the situation like right now typing i obsess about how i can get over it. This is the worst thing in my life and it leads to tics for me. I have took paxil, zoloft and Prozac in the past, but nothing helped with this, just with depression. It is known that ssri's and anti psychotics can make tics and ocd problems better, but they can make them worse to. If you have just a ocd problem you will probably be ok taking meds, but in some ppl it leads to developing tics.


ive never tried luvox or lexapro so if you do tell me what you find out.

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