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I'm looking forward to seeing that. I pre-ordered the book and it should be here today. I'm excited to read it!


Beth Maloney is speaking at a local library in October. My husband and I will definitely go hear her speak.


Just a reminder that "Saving Sammy" author will be on the Today Show on Thursday, Sept 24. Not sure what exact time they'll show the segment.


Anyone live close enough to the studios to stand there with a PANDAS Network (www.pandasnetwork.org)sign to hold up?! Maybe Al will put you on tv!

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Just finished Saving Sammy last night--mirrors our personal experience in many ways.

(Though we stumbled upon the fact that antibiotics full strength were effective in our case, with a boost along the way from prednisone.)


Good book Beth Mahoney-- You have put us on the map!


Thanks again Dr. Nicolaides for being willing to treat.

Let's start passing it out everyone--


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T Mom- I read Saving Sammy cover to cover last night, as well. I thought it was great! My daughter's case did not become as severe as Sammy's because we caught it very early, but we were headed in that direction. I thought she presented the illness, the agony is causes the child and the family, the unwillingness of doctors to help, the social isolation of the mom, and the necessary medical information in an easy to read, moving format.


I am going to start a new thread about the book.

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I also posted this in the other Saving Sammy thread...


Good news...sort of...


My only cousin is a camera man for the Today Show...so after reading this I gave him a call...he said...basically...this story had to have personally touched someone on staff for it to be made into a segment...that's how the show works...I told him about my son...about all of us...about how there are still a number of you fighting to get help for your children...how this illness is very real...


He is going to speak with the producers and find out as much background as he can about the segment...he will also try and speak to whomever will listen to hopefully let them know this is a "story" that should be explored...so hopefully...this will not end for us here...hopefully this will be just the beginning...


In speaking with him, it turns out his son who is about 5 or 6 has been dealing with intermittent tic issues which have had them all baffled...sound familiar...not saying it is PANDAS related...as I have not spoken enough with him to find out (he was heading on set to do the Colbert Report but promised he would call me later tonight)


anyway....he is an emmy-nominated camera man...with a lot of contacts and a deep desire to produce something worthwhile...I come from a very small family that does not live close, does not speak often, but are always there for each other in times of crisis...and will do whatever it takes to help...he is very interested in doing what he can to help...especially if it turns out that the coincidence of me coming on here today to see what is going on, finding out about the Saving Sammy book, then finding out she will be on the show tomorrow...somehow ends up helping his son as well...


I will keep everyone posted...and please keep your finger crossed...

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