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Antibiotics Full Strength--


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Hi All,

Just want to throw this out there and see -- Am I the only one with a child on long-term full strength antibiotics on this forum right now? :( We are reticent to change a thing as she is better than ever right now, not perfect, but doing very well--Has been on full strength antibiotics (Amoxicillan) for 9 months.


We are ready to do PEX or IVIG as necessary if there is another episode--but pray it won't be necessary.


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Her last course of full strength antibiotics was in May. Clyndamycin 300mg/3Xs a day for 10 days.


Dr. Latimer put her on 100mg daily of azith for a prophylaxis in the beginning of June....we just switched to 200mg/2Xs a day of pen vk a little over a week ago.



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Three of my children (ages 6,8,13) are on their 11th month of Zithromax 250mg daily. I am scared to death (understatement) to change the Zith to something else. I am also very concerned about using it longterm. This is a constant concern that I think about everyday.


I know for sure that I will keep them on antibiotics for a long time b/c I have seen what happens when they get a strep infection and that scares me the most.



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I don't know anything about this Dr. or "the Marshall protocol," but watched about 1/2 of the video posted below after stumbling across the discussion group. When it got to the part about the antibiotic use long term, I thought there would be some here who might be interested to maybe read up on his theories. I'm not wild about some of his remarks regarding vaccines at the bottom of the PDF, but it does seem he has some views that I haven't heard anyone else talk about regarding autoimmunity, intracellular bacteria etc. It also doesn't sound like he's a fan of supplemental vitamin D.


video presentation



PDF (i think it's the same info that's in the video)



Discussion group where he seems to interact a lot


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