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No corn no milk ideas/recipes


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GL&L mom mentioned recipes, and though I know this exists on other forums, I need help!


There is a ton of gluten-free stuff, but it all has corn!


If anyone has a decent wheat, corn, milk-free recipe for pancakes I will be eternally grateful. That is his 'fill in the cracks' food since no decend breads (breads have yeast anyway).


Thanks in advance. I just tried my own recipe--like a big blob of paper mache flour!



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I agree re late nights. I must work late, but that is not by choice.


If you or anyone can tell me which non-dairy milks taste best or cook best, that would be great. Although I know I will just have to try them all to some degree. The ones I have heard of are:


-soy (hormone issues for some)

-goat (does it taste like feta??)



Also, I found that the Lemon, Chocolate Pecan and S'mores "Luna" power bars (for his lunch) have no wheat, corn, corn syrup, peanut or dairy.


Comfort food/starch 'fillers':


Rice with a little butter (I think butter is okay??)

Baked potatoes with butter and melted cheese

Rice cakes

Potato chips (no hydrogenated oils)

Rice crackers (I will try the cashew butter GL&L mom mentioned)






Shrimp/Fish? --I am a bit scare of fish right now!!! Don't know if I trust the low mercury list since tuna is on it.


Fruits/Veggies--that isn't an issue ...though I can't believe he can't have apple and banana! My gosh, why is he only allergic to American 'kid food'????



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Hi Claire,


Thanks for the diet ideas. We'll definitely try to find rice crackers and the Luna bars. Lunch making has been a challenge for us, too. Luke had a severe allergy reaction to casein, so we can't have any dairy products including butter, margarine and cream cheese. I found soy butter which he said was pretty good. It smelled just like the real thing. I found some recipes on the following website, but I must admit they sound awful! It can give ideas for what types of ingredients are ok for substituting into our regular recipes.


Don't know about milks yet. Soy got a two thumbs down by Luke. This afternoon he tried putting orange juice on his organic cereal! YUK but he loved it.




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Guest Guest_efgh

A great idea to have this thread...


You all say no dairy but use butter and melted cheese - is it ok? I don't give cheese to my son either.. may be should start introducing...


How many of you have tried goat milk with success?


Reg fruits - oranges and apples contain salicylates and I see so many kids reacting to these natural salicylates (as per Dr Feingold)...GL and L mom, have you tried eliminating natural salicylates like oranges , etc... Claire, how about you?

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Just to say that Goat's milk and it's products was a big hit with my kids....my older son even decided to try his bros milk,,,and preferred it to cow's! I got ours at Whole Foods


When we had our wheat free/corn free period my son loved the millet bread(frozen section at whole foods) I would lightly toast it. Claire, do you have to avoid Baker's Yeast too?? That would be a hard one!


All my son's food reactivities seem to have stabilized, tho we have been advised to still avoid p-nuts and corn. (and ,of course, all the artificial yuck stuff)

We attribute the de-sensitization to primarily biofeedback and detox.

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Oh I wish I had more time...Claire I have the busiest day coming up but I have some ideas for you.


Do you have a costco? I do alot of my shopping there (as a matter of fact I will be there this morning).


For my son dairy is the worst of all of the food sensitivities. Milk, cheese, butter etc are terrible. Ok, I will post a more thorough list later but milk is in most breaded things (so is corn and gluten so maybe you are staying away from this), it is in deli meats, hot dogs, donuts etc. The only thing that helps for Kurt is to stay completely away from dairy. I tried on Monday (he had a day off from school) to give him Kraft Dinner...well let me tell ya it didn't go so good. He had a complete meltdown and was FULL of RAGE...it was awful. I gave him a lactaid out of desperation and this did help.


Asian cooking books are just the BEST as you can read the whole recipe book from front to back and Kurt can eat just about anything in it. I am trying hard and we have had plenty of "yucky" suppers while I am trying to learn how to Kurt more Asian food. We eat alot of stir fry's. My easiest stir fry recipe is:


1/3 C. water

1 TBSP soya sauce

1/2 TSP sugar

1 garlic glove


I usually times this recipe by 4 if it is for the whole family.


I use the stir fry vegies you buy in a big bag from costco and either the shrimp or chicken (a black box from costco...fully roasted chicken breast strips by Pinty's). mix all of the above in a wok or skillet. To thicken the sauce I use arrowroot flour instead of cornstarch and we notice no difference. Pour on top of gluten free pasta or rice. This is very good.


We use a soy milk from costco called SILK soy beverage. For an ice cream treat we use SO GOOD soy ice cream. I use rice dream for baking muffins etc and have noticed no difference in my baking. I use rice dream just to alternate with the soy as I do not want Kurt to become sensitive to soy.


Anyways, yikes time is ticking by...more later.



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Guest Robin O

Claire, I did not realize that you had to go corn free!! That has been the hardest for my son. I cook so much these days. When we do go out my son usually has a reaction to something.


We use the Silk soy for cereal and I usually use the rice or almond milk for baking. The almond milk has a sweet taste to it and I have found is better for baking.


My friend who is also wheat free by choice made up the following receipe for my son. Its a very good treat.


Rice Crispy Treats:

1Tsp. unrefined Sesame Oil

1 cup Brown rice syrup (gluten Free)

2 TBL. Almond or Tahini butter

2 Tsp gluten free vanilla extract

6 cups natural brown rice cereal


You can also add Raisins, almonds etc.


Put oil in a large pot. Add rice syrup and nut butter. Stir and heat until bubbly. Turn off heat and add vanilla and cereal mix w/spatula. Stir in optional items at this time. Put mixture into a 9x13 baking dish. wet your fingers and press mixture flat. Let set to room temp. Slice and serve. Lasts a week in an airtight container.


My son really liked this treat. I have found a couple of cereals that are Wheat/corn free. And have found some premade basic baking mixes that are Wheat/dairy/corn free. The Gluten Free Pantry web site has alot of corn free products. I buy the baking mix in bulk. It makes great cookies and cakes.


I have tried to make pancakes etc but my son does not like the taste.


I did buy some goat cheese that was pretty tasty. I grated it for a pizza and my son ate it!! The soy cheese i was using had corn and caisin in it. My son seemed to not react to the goat cheese.


I am starting to suspect that something else is bothering my son. His tics have increased alot over the past 3 weeks. His neck is really sore from the movements he is having. He has even missed a couple days of school from muscle pain.


Its high pollen season here in NC and it may be his allergies. I cannot think of anything else. We were at a hotel 3 weeks ago and the chlorine in the indoor pool really set off his tics. He started 2-3 new tics that I had never seen him do before. The did settle down a bit but he has replaced them with 2 more. Its always something!! Robin

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Hello all


What great ideas! I can't wait to try the rice crispy treats. Found the choc chip cookie recipe but it has hard to find ingredients and eggs. Here's the site just in case anyone wants it, but Robin's suggestion of using a baking mix from the Gluten Free Pantry sound easier.




Ronna - thanks for the suggestion about Asian cookbooks. I hadn't thought of that, but you're so right. Can't wait to start experimenting!


efgh - I haven't tried to limit salicylates but I'm still very new to this. Luke just started his diet this week. His allergy test didn't show a problem with any fruits except pears (very mild). Has your son had problems with these?


Once again, I have some questions for anyone who knows the answers.


My list of foods that may contain casein is as follows:

au gratin foods, baked goods, butter candies, cheese, chocolate, chowders, cream/creamed foods, custards, doughnuts, eggs, gravies, hot chocolate, ice cream, margarine, mashed potatoes, muffins, non-dairy coffee creamer, pancakes, pies, pudding, salad dressing, sherbet, souffle, soups and whey


If Luke's allergic reaction to casein is severe, how come he doesn't show allergy to milk, malt, chocolate? Can he have a little chocolate, for example?


Claire - are you going wheat free or gluten free? I just found out gluten free includes many other grains as well. If your son is ok with soy, we've been making fried chicken wings with soy flour. They're great and Adkins friendly!


Everyone -

Are you trying to have the whole family follow the diet or just the affected children? What are you doing for Easter? Two of our favorite family customs were making jello eggs - every color, and making deviled eggs with all the dyed Easter eggs. Poor Luke makes them better than anyone and he won't be able to have it this year. I'm sure we'll find a fun substitute.


Good luck and blessings to all of you.

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I found a pancake recipe in Tracking Down Hidden Food Allergy by William Crook.


1/2 cup rice flour

3/4 cup oats (whole grain or quick cooking)

1 Tbsp. Cellu baking powder

1/4 tsp. baking soda

2 T. honey

2 Tbsp. safflower or soy oil

1/2 tsp. salt

3 Tbsp. apricot puree (to replace egg)

1/2 cup Soyquik


Place 3/4 cup oats in blender container; cover and blend until the oats are like a fine meal, then add formula, oil, honey and apricot puree. Beat mixture until smooth. Drop by tablespoons on lightly greased griddle set at med low to low heat. Let pancakes cook until fairly well set, then tu4rn carefully. Serve with honey or maple syrup.


This is how it is printed in the book. My guess is that the other dry ingredients are added to the oats. Soyquik must be what he is calling formula. Hope it's tasty!

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GLL mom--


THANKS for the pancake recipe. I tried to do something the other day without milk and egg and it was a giant BLOB of cooked paste. Great timing, as I am headed down to whole foods today. I am also going to see if they have egg substitute, and to experiment with milk choices and protein powders




The corn allergy is newly discovered (we had been waiting for tests). But guess what he is allergic to almond and sesame also (isn't tahini butter sesame?). But thanks for the rice krispie treats. I bought a whole foods type of rice krispies and noticed that they have marshmallows--I had thought of this a few months back, but completely forgot, so thanks again for the recipe. I can't push too much sugar right now til we deal with the candidas/yeast, but that is temporary.


Ronnas--thanks for the stir fry idea! He had a teriyaki bowl at Red Robin so he is now open.


My 'contribution'--based on a girlfriend who said that her friends used potato flakes for their fried chicken... (of course you can bake this. We never fried chicken before, but I was going for maximum taste given the transition)


Take chicken breast/thighs and slice into 'chicken nugget size pieces' (this helps them cook through the middle more easily.


rinse them in water and while wet, dip in a mixture of potato starch and your favorite chicken seasoning. [i was going to recommend mine, but I just looked--unbelievable! red dye, yellow dye....aargh, why didn't this occur to me?? bummer, gotta find a new one].


Fry in hot canola oil in a skillet, flip over as needed.


It was really good--we tried different flours and the potato starch helped the taste.




My idea--to try this weekend. I will get alternate milks (soy, rick and goat) and put in a little vanilla extract and sweetener (ugh, did you just read Mercola on sucralose last week?, maybe stevia then) to turn it into something that is SUPPOSED to be different from milk.




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Sometime can you post your muffin recipe, or does it have wheat? And for the idea re rotating. I do wonder if my son gets sensitive because he eats the same foods so often.



Thanks for the tip on soy sauce--no, it wouldn't have occured to me!!!



By the way, except for pinto beans and peanuts, my son's sensitivities were only a 1 (out of 4). The IgE on wheat was super high and the IGg was only a one and his doctor said it was likely to to improvement already from elimination.


Finally, my friend commented on the Asian population having so much soy, so I decided not to worry about it right now.


Off to Whole Foods for a new search!



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