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Sorry I was gone for so long! Son had relapse!


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Hello, Sorry I was gone for so long, I definitely need to get back here more! My son had a relapse of symptoms. He became ill with a fever in June and he had a definite relapse. He is spacey again, pacing around, moody. Luckily not as bad as when he first started with PANDAS in Jan 07. I restarted the azith 2 months ago but so far no change. I would say overall he has never completely recovered, even when he was doing better, there was still behaviors and things about him that were definitely not there before he had PANDAS. So I feel like now we are starting over ...

I wish I had better news! I will be checking in and reading posts now! Sarah

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How helpful was HBOT? I am curious because my son's DAN doctor has said that it reduces inflammation and she has talked about trying it for him some time in the near future.





Yes, My son had 3 IVIG...alot of the "old timers" here know me.

I am also restarting doing the HBOT again...back to square one!

Thanks Buster for all the research you do!!


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