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Bontech side effects?

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Hi all,


So I got our long awaited Bontech products on Monday! Woohoo! We are trying ts PLUS CONTROL and ts PLUS EPA/DHA for dd's adHd and ts.


Her full dose should be about ten capsules of the plus control per day for her weight so I started her on 2 tablets on Monday, 3 tablets on Tuesday and she had 4 tablets yesterday. We were also doing 2 epa/dha per day on each of those days.


What I found tho was that she got very hyper, more agitated than usual so she was snapping at the other kids easier than normal.


Now, having said that, she looks happier and is not being nearly as negative as she normally is and her tics already decreased a fair amount, we're down to a bit of sniffing and throat clearing that we can barely hear. Obviously these things wax and wane but compared to like the day before she started the Bontech products to now - she feels very different.


So i suppose what I'm saying is that her tics are improving and her emotional and mental state seems to be quieting down but her energy level seems to have been boosted, causing the hyper reaction.


Today she woke feeling sleepy, she said she felt 'slow' and I am keeping her on 4 controls but leaving the epa/dha out as I know some people don't tolerate that well, so I'll add that back later on. And I'm making sure she has them at regular intervals.


As she has been on failsafe diet for so long I was wondering if it could be that the sudden huge hit of vitamins could be giving her a massive amount of energy to deal with and that she might get used to it? Or maybe it will even out? Or maybe it's just normal in the beginning with these vitamins?


Maybe I should give her an epsom salt bath each night as well?


I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this reaction or has any experience or advice?

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