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Doctors we have seen who helped with PANDAS

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Though she knows little about PANDAS, our family Doctor in Richmond, Maine, Dr. Catherine Lockwood was willing to listen to me and try the saving Sammy dose of Augmentin XR. Though we've added Dr. Tr

Homeopathic remedies helped my kids with ridding my kids of their PANDAS symptoms... I just want to spread the word that something cheap can make a major difference. Antiboitic did nothing and we d

St. Louis, MO: Dr. Tracy Fritz at Little Flower Center for Integrative Medicine

Any doctors in Arkansas? Or Tulsa region?


The names and contact info below are from the Saving Sammy Facebook page list of dr's who are considered to be "PANDAS-friendly." And, the Helpful Threads section at the top of the forum has contact information for the handful of dr's who are considered to be the PANDAS experts.




Richard Livingston, MD

10310 Mayo Drive

Barling, AR 72923

479 494-5700


Matthew Crouch, M.D.

Psychology & Counseling Associates Center for Children and Adolescents

#1 Sunbridge Drive Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: 479-442-KIDS

Fax: 479-443-9554



David Jackson, M.D.


Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic

Urgent Care Center

3380 N. Futrall, Fayetteville

(479) 442-7322

Wellness Center

3383 MANA Court, Ste 101, Fayetteville

(479) 443-3471

Lowell Clinic

117 Dixieland, Lowell

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has anyone had any success finding PANDAS help in iowa?


Where about in Iowa do you live? So few midwest posts. We live near Des Moines. A sharp young psychiatrist, Dr. Sasha Khosravi connected our son's "array of dots" and suspected PANDAS. He referred us on to a Dr Stephen Elliot at Blank Children's. After a year of Dr. Eliott's insistence that penicillin WILL WORK (it wasn't-not even Bicillin injections), we ended up in Chicago with Dr. K. I do know that Dr. Khosravi and Dr. K have visited at length not too long ago--I hope our son can "help" trx in Iowa.


Let us know how the other two contacts work out. Dawn

Hi Dawn,

I know your post was years ago but I just found this forum and would love to talk to you further as my 8 1/2 y/o was diagnosed with PANDAS and his tics are getting more severe and I am looking for any help or guidance you have. We live in Dubuque, IA and we are just starting out on our PANDAS quest.

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Dr. Dennis Bouboulis in Darien, CT, has helped a lot. He is very thorough in testing for co-infections, which is necessary for choosing the appropriate treatment. He offers IVig as well, in office. Dr. Elia at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, is a great place to start and if your kiddo is very sick she can administer PEX or IVig on Site. She can be quite conservative, however, which is why we moved on to Dr. B for more aggressive and comprehensive treatment. Dr. Elia did, however, help us immensely through our DS4's acute episode and got him moving forward last September.

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cyndylynntk -hi - we are with dr keller in redmond, near seattle for both our PANDAS kids. She has never prescribed long-term treatment doses for our kids, just short-term but did prescribe long-term prohylactic abx.


In our experience, she is super willing to discuss treatment and try options that the parent proposes. She has also been willing to work with other PANDAS drs, in our case Dr B and Dr T and a local integrative dr.


I love her... can you tell? She really gets it, the disorder, its impact on the child, main caregiver and family as a whole. I've found her to be very pragmatic and willing to think outside the box.

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Dr. McGhee is now in Northern CA at LPCH (Stanford). Dr. McGhee is very nice, and a believer. He would be a good person to go to if you are thinking of IVIG. We got our last round of HD IVIG through him (we already had a long standing PANDAS diagnosis and had previously had IVIG with Dr. Lewis, another immunologist at LPCH). He is more interested in seeing PANDAS kids than Dr. Lewis is.



I couldn't find him already posted, so posting this doc here:


Los Angeles, CA


Sean McGhee, MD

Allergy & Immunology at UCLA


Saw him yesterday to have a 3rd opinion from a very credible physician, and got confirmation of the diagnosis. He uses nothing but clinical history and presentation for diagnosis. Does not put much weight in any of the existing tests for strep markers or antibodies, nor the camK activation- purely history, symptoms, documentation of recurrent strep, pharyngitis, etc., which I brought along of course. He is a very likeable person, very up on current stuff coming out of NIMH!


BTW, he is switching my son from azithromycin to penicillin vk as he thinks he should remain on prophylactically, seeing as he began to relapse after strep exposure at school. If he relapses again, he will do ivig.

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I need one in COLO A ped Doc would be nice

and one who knows that my dd WILL need to be on

long term abxs.. We have had IVIG twice already and doing

great now.. but she or we need a doc that I can count on..

She has seen Tom Smith the first time and he was so much money that it was cheeper for us to fly and stay in Chicago to see a REAL PANDAS doc..

I have seen the list on the saving sammy web

but I want to see if anyone has updated it..



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Homeopathic remedies helped my kids with ridding my kids of their PANDAS symptoms...

I just want to spread the word that something cheap can make a major difference. Antiboitic

did nothing and we did not go the steroid or IVIG route.


Which homeopathic remedies did you use, and what brand were they? Did they have lactose (milk sugar) or alcohol in them, or just water, or ?




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