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Blood tests and natural treatments

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I am wondering the following, and dont understand yet....my son, who has been Dx Tourette's, has had many blood tests done and they all come out within normal limits, specifically his amino acids, fatty acids, magnesium and calcium - my question is, if those type of tests are normal, then does that mean that the person wont benefit neurologically from natural treatment (vitamins, supplements)? my sons Tourette's is only one of many things he has neurogically going on. The neurologist we see seemed to be saying that if we could find any problems in the above book tests then that meant that his problem was brain chemicals and only meds would address that.


Does anyone know how I would research this? There must be books explaining "brain chemicals" and maybe some of you have had blood testing and its come out normal on your kids? Am i to lose hope in natural treatment? thank you! :)

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I would think to not lose hope so quickly on natural treatments. My guess is that your neurologist is, just like most medical doctors, an idiot (or, to be more nice about it, simply has little understanding about nutrition and how the body works). A standard doctor's view of these tests is to look for a serious deficiency, based on standard measurements. What is missing in that viewpoint is that individuals have individual needs, and there is no big thick line between "normal" and "seriously deficient". There are lots of in between values, and certainly there is plenty of possibility for improvement in function for people that don't fit into that "seriously deficient" for the "average person" category.



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I don't think the "chemicals" or neurotransmitters can be detected by any test, I could be wrong tho. I think these type tests are valuable to find if there IS anything amiss that a body might be missing or not processing properly. For instance, when we had some tests done by our DAN a couple years back, my son was found to have a problem methylating, because it showed high b12 and folic acid, which DOES NOT necessarily mean he was just high in those vits, but that these vits were just getting stuck and building up and not methylating (converting) into the next part of the cycle. I forget some of the details, tho ,sorry. And MichaelTampa is correct, what regulare medical doctors would concider normal ranges, might not be the same as a doctor who is nutritionally or holistically trained, so these tests are subject to different interpretations. Most medical doctors just do the basic blood panels. I think some of these more comprehensive tests are good tools to lead you in a direction, but they may not reveal anything either. I don't know this from experience, all I have had for my son was some blood tests by a DAN doctor, which was a little more than a regular CBC.


Airbucket, how are things going?



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