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Any one heard of Dr. Sims


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My son is still doing well. :mellow: His eye blink, bunny nose wriggle and mouth pull are almost non-existant. The only thing I see, once in a while, is a slow eye blink. We are going to Tampa tomorrow for another adjustment. One note - every adjustment (this will be my son's second) is an added fee. I was not thrilled to learn this - I think it is around $180. However, honestly, it is hard for me to complain - my son is so happy with the results.


In addition, my son used to sleep walk frequently and talk incessantly in his sleep (he would wake up on the couch having no idea how he got there, etc..) - that is all gone too. Not sure if it is related, but something sure has shifted in his body.


Two weeks ago, part of the daytime retainer had become rough, so he went 2 days without wearing the daytime retainer because it was bothering him. Around 3 pm on the second day, he announced that he felt the eye tics coming back, and put in the night time appliance. The next morning he was tic free, and decided to wear the day time retainer with the rough patch (which now is not bothering him).


Dr. Garcia's office called me today and asked me to call someone who has inquired about my son. I am assuming that it is from this link. I am happy to speak with anybody who has any questions.



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