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Opinions on what it's all about?

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I have written another post on stomach tics but now I've been reading some other posts I am super curious.


All internet information on TS seems to only discuss the physical stuff, but that stuff is easy to see. What I am reading from the messages on here is more about the stuff we can't see - the inside! And it's fascinating to me.


My daughter is ten with ADD and what we were told was tics associated with ADD but that she has now had for four years and more of them and both motor and vocal etc, so we will be seeking a TS diagnosis soon. I have known about her food intolerances since she was a baby and as I have f/i also it was natural to start eliminating foods that affected her. All artificial colourings, additives, preservatives and flavours are like poison to her and she is now on a failsafe diet. We just did this naturally as we saw her behaviour was affected, not thinking about her tics so much, she just would be agitated, angry, have outbursts, cry, not sit still, just really like she was bouncing off the wall. And we also found that wheat makes her worse and yeast (maybe) so we put her on a gluten free diet as well, and are now waiting for her appt to see the gastro to have a look inside (colonoscopy or endoscopy, I forgot which one the ped wants her to have).


Now I'm reading all these messages about food allergies, and gut problems it just seems to be so linked! And like maybe all these things I've been trying over the years actually aren't separate problems but all part of the one issue!


We live rurally in Australia and about a four hour drive from the nearest big city with decent doctors and even then when we get to see one we are always nervous that they're going to be misinformed. Like the amount of gastro's who don't believe in food intolerances! So we are limited in what info we can access but intend on doing our best to not take no for an answer.


So some questions I want to ask you all are:


What you have learned about TS and the link it may have with intestinal issues?


What the link is between the lack of vitamin absorption too!


What vitamins seem to make the biggest differences?


And who can actually make a diagnosis of TS?


I appreciate your information. Like a light in the dark actually.



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Hi Zoe

I personally feel the manifestations of neurological disease are rooted in more than one issue internally. The thread that binds them all is likely so fine that we dont clearly see all its ramifications tho


In our family's case,there are genetic susceptibilities that are clearly evident in my husband's side for full blown Tourette Syndrome with comorbid OCD/ADD/SID/anxiety/depression, and I have relatives with OCD, AD(H)D, tics, anxiety, bipolar etc. I detect mild OCD in myself too


So yes, I think that thread is linked between gut and brain, but also wonder what the intricate connections to the other systems are, including the endocrine(hormonal) mechanism and the oh so vital immune system. The fact that so many kids with TS etc have sensory integration dysfunction seems to indicate that thread stretching to those intricate functions of the senses.

The way that intrusive agents like allergens, vaccine load, metals and those microbes like strep and candida cause such havoc in the whole body emphasizes this to me.




I know for a fact that since we began a holistic approach to all this, the improvements have been remarkable for my son.


as to which supplements are key....I think that really depends so much on the individual. All have varied deficiencies or metabolic/absorptive functions and we have sure seen from the anecdotal reports just on these forums that some react very negatively to what others have great benefit from.(eg fish oil, taurine, carnitine etc) Sometimes it is that a supp is good, but needs to be at reduced dose to be effective....(eg my son cannot tolerate very high B's or B complex so we have to be selective and dose appropriate in giving his B's, and since his Crohn's dx, the probiotcs and immune boosters that used to seem to be good for his TS actually cause him crohn's flareups)


and yes, absorptive issues in the gut and/or liver malfunction likely also contribute to the deficiencies and incomplete metabolism of the needed vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids etc etc




I do believe magnesium does play a pivotal role, at least for those with TS


but it cant function properly alone and that is where gradually adding the others is so important. to be able to quickly see what is beneficial and what not


theoretically only a neurologist or developmental pediatrician can dx TS but sometimes the dx is given by other docs. usually neuro needed to confirm.

I think with all we are learning about many causes for tics, perhaps TS is too quickly dx



just my thoughts on what it's all about.......

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