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Chlorine in Pools

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sorry if this is a duplicate - i tried to post before but don't think it worked!



my son's doctor recommended spraying him immediately after swimming with an epsom/water combination. i plan on sending him to camp with it and the counselors will spray him down after each swim...





good to hear the salt pool is helping :)


I know how very surprised we were to learn of chlorine's big trigger effect on my son's tics. It was way before I ever found Latitudes/ACN and shortly after he got his dx. He got out of the pool one time and was ticcing real intensely and then broke out into hives!!


I started keeping a log of his bf and after pool tics/behavior. It became so clear how much of a trigger it was for him.

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I wanted to report in on this topic of pools and tics.


Last summer, my son was reacting to what we thought was the chlorine in the pools. So, we ended up keeping him out of the pool most of the summer. Because of that he was severely behind his peers in swimming at the beginning of this summer.


All summer, he's been in the pool several times a week and he's doing great!


After researching toxocicty levels in sunscreen we also swapped out our sunscreen and ditched his lifejacket (also was probably toxic). We are keeping up with epsom baths after pool time for good measure.


I was also SO proud of him yesterday when he swam a lap in the deep end all by himself. This was such an accomplishment!

I wanted to share this bit of good news and hope with you!

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My son also had a great day at the pool Sun. I was worried as the pool was where I saw the very first tic.(eye) I don't know if we got lucky and he went when the pool water had been changed because it was colder and clearer then last week. So we could have had a clean pool without all the sunscreen.


He did take a epsom salts bath too.



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