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In terms of alleriges what is the best allergy med to use? Did not know if they would worsen tics? any info would be appreciated.



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I guess you need to find out what is causing the allergy in order to provide the best relief.

here is a guide for different areas......





Then once possibly finding the cause of allergies there is a number of natural treatments on here:





Similar in knowing which kind of probiotic to take I guess......


I am going to keep searching for an all natural wide spectrum allergy relief product.....

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Pollen allergies are the biggest issue for Sam in terms of aggravating his tics. He is always a lot worse from February till summer. We warned his teacher at the start of 2nd grade that this would be the case, but it hasn't happened this year. We started giving him Claritin RediTabs in March after trying other natural remedies and also trying to desensitize him with sublingual drops in previous years. None of it helped. This is the first spring where we haven't had to worry about his tics being disruptive - I think his teacher thinks we were exaggerating! He still has some tics - never has had a day without any since they first started - but they are so much less noticeable, despite the very high pollen counts early this year. I know these allergy meds don't work for everyone, but we seem to have found the right one for him. He just takes one each morning and I can see that it seems to wear off a bit at the end of the day. We tried him on Zyrtec before that but didn't see any improvement. He took it at night because of the dizziness and drowsiness that it can cause and I think it had just worn off too much by the next day. His allergies are pretty severe - the weals when they do the skin prick tests are almost off the scale :P - so I'm hoping to get him started on the desensitizing shots at the end of this summer.


Hope this helps


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Just wonderng how things are going over there Deanna and if they have calmed down?

Lastnight was 2nd night on 15mg.....getting really nervous!


Also wanted to mention that I did and have gave claritin tabs once a day since we sa the doctor on Wednesday.

These seem to do well for her so far. She had very little congestion yesterday and did not rub her eyes at all.

I will use these on a needed basis until we get in for some testing.

They are little purple tabs, you give 2 per day.

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