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Sources of Info for Natural health - Chemar?

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hello everyone! I would like to ask all you smart people if you would like to share where you get your info on health? With all the websites and authors out there it is difficult to sort through and choose that which relays honest info with no ulterior motives on the topics of natural or "alternative" health. Do you have a favorite naturopath? Web site? Book? Etc? It would be nice to have a few websites I could consult in my learning about natural eating, detoxing, vitamins, alternative treatments etc, to go to for reliable information. Many websites and docs or nutritionists either want to scare you half to death or sell you a bunch of stuff. I dont mind buying things, but I am curious if you all have particular websites/sources you consult and trust.


Chemar, I mention you in the title because I believe you must have some favorites that you have come to trust over time and research and would love to know if you'd be willing to share that :)


What I have found so far that I like is :






Regarding cleansing and detox, I have been made aware of Dr Natura's products ("colonix" etc), and his web site is like a wal mart circular, but the product does seem good, anyone familiar??


I have not done any cleansing or detoxing on my son and am going to pursue something, I was thinking starting slowly with some bentonite clay. His tics are on and off like someone is flippinf a lightswtich!


Thank you for any opinions on good sources of info in general, doesnt just have to pertain to children of course.



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