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rapid strep test

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I was thinking of buying a bunch of the rapid strep tests so I don't have to drag my younger dd (hopefully non-pandas strep carrier) to the ped quite so often. She also has an area of irritation around her rectum. I'm thinking it looks yeasty but was wondering if the rapid test would work in that are as well (it looks red)...just to make sure it's not strep there (vs. yeast).


Any thoughts?


Also, is there a particular brand that someone would recommend? There are a number of them on amazon.

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Keep in mind before buying that rapids can come back negative even when someone has strep. That was the case for my son and my husband.The rapids were neg, but the cultures came back positive. And they did not have the classic strep symptoms. Have you had her tonsils taken out to try to prevent it?


As for other areas, I'm not sure. Did you rule out that she's not wiping herself good enough? Regardless of age, perhaps try diaper cream or an antibiotic cream for a few days.

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Yeah, we've still been culturing her about 1x a mo. The bummer is when she gets fever 2 days after we've just done a culture and we don't want to drag her back in right away...at least it'll be something to tide us over.

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