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OHI= other health impaired


It is pretty easy to get a speech (at 2nd grade, age 7) iep at dd's school. I think it varies from district to district. My neighbor teaches in another district and it seems like the kids need to be worse off to get help. It depends on the schools resources/funding/etc.

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My son is 6 years old and just was diagnosed with PANDAS. He is in 1st grade as well. He started the behavior and not focusing in school which affected his grades. When he gets sick he is a totally different child. I heard about a 504 plan for children with medical conditions like this one and had meetings with the school and explained the disease. His teacher actually went on to research the disease. But the 504 plan is a note from your childs doctor stating the disease and the school does the rest of the paperwork. This way your child will not be labeled as a behavioral issue for next year. It is very frustating b/c there is nothing that we can do for these children it is not their fault they are sick. I just pray with time these kids get better and people learn about this disease.

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