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I wrote in about a month ago regarding my son's tics being gone after his three weeks of cupping and one acupunture treatment. We have not been back for treatment since March 24th and he is still tic free with no supplements. I stopped his supplements around March 28th.


I have more recently been looking at PANDAS. The item that I forgot to mention above was that he had an insect bite on February 27th that got very infected. We got him antibiotics on this day. This was his first antibiotic treatment since the vaccine/tics over a year and a half prior. I noticed his tics were gone one month after the antibiotics.


I think that PANDAS is linked to strep (?)...could he have have been a carrier all of that time? Do PANDAS children have tics only when they are exposed to strep? How long do the tics remain after the antibiotics are given?


I am still thinking that it was the detox effect of the cupping for three weeks in a row, but I forgot about the antibiotics.


Thanks for any input!!



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Hi Tracey,


I'm curious...what antibiotic was your son on?


Your son definitely could have been carrying strep for 1.5 years. In the Kurlan/Singer study on PANDAS from the June 2008 pediatrics, a couple of the kids that were considered "carriers" (so not treated with antibiotics) continued to culture positive for the entire 2 year duration of the study.


My PANDAS dd took 6 weeks to get rid of her tics after we put her on Azith (the other 3 abs didn't do much). For us, tics was the last symptom to show up and the last to leave...but different pandas kids are different. Some respond much sooner. For us, mood/ocd/eating improved more rapidly, but the tics took a while to leave.


PANDAS kids can react to things other than just strep. My dd reacted to fifth's...others have mentioned vaccines/allergies.

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