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Not Eating and the dog is sick what next!

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Sometimes I think it cant get worse and well now he wont eat he seems to stare at his food and its like a chore to eat even his favorites rice chicken terracki(sp) we have been on gfwf diet for 2 wks but some of the foods are the same . Ok and the dog has a cold she had one earlier this year mucus pouring out of her nose(sorry) I called the vet awaiiting a call back hope it not something horrible back to school tomorrow keep fingers crossed

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When my son was dealing with his second bout of strep and PANDAS, he did not eat for 3 or more days. I have no idea why. He wouldn't tell me. This was while he was still on antibiotics for a +strep test. My neurologist prescribed steroids for him and I believe after day 3 he started to show improvement. But I think he only did the steroids becasue of the timeline.


With my son, he was 5. I sat him on my lap and spoon fed him. That's how bad it got. Sounds so sad, but I knew he needed the nourishment. At first , he refused and just sat there like a zombie. I touched the spoon to his mouth and after a few tries, HE ATE! I fed him applesauce and yogurt until he began feeding himself again. Then, when he began to eat, he refused warm food and any food that someone else tounched it needed to be single serving things.


So, what I am saying is if he won't eat and won't tell you why, explore the possibilities. Now, my son is fine with all food. It just took time and a lot of patience.

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