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No Strep?

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Here we go again dan had his negitive strep test and DAN dr wants him off the zith hes been doing better and im scared I still have some more Im hording it and I want to keep him on it what do I do ?

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Yes, I'm confused as well...the antibiotics are not only to get rid of strep but to prevent flare ups when there is strep exposure. After a week off of Azith, dd was right back where we started again, when I tried to "pulse" the antibiotics. Is your doctor really familiar with PANDAS?

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If you have seen a big improvement in Dan while on the Zith, in my opinion I would keep him on it. The culture is negative b/c he is on the Zithromax.


Hi yes we see an improvement with behavior and tics but not completely He seems to understand PANDAS but who knows I still have some zith left Im going to give him one every other day and speak with him He had the appointment and my husband took him I couldnt get out of work so my husband didnt question anything (of course) I hope this sosent get screwed up also hes been saying he hears me stuttering when I ytalk and then he tics (curses) any info on that?

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