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After a couple of weeks, dd got really irritable on the naltrexone to the point where I had to stop it, unfortunately. I've had recurrent strep and things have gotten so bad here with raging that we have to go back to meds....we just started her on Geodon last night. Not sure if it will help or not, but the raging is just beyond my control because she is too big for me to handle anymore.


Thanks for your reply. Did quitting the naltrexone decrease the rages? I'm just wondering because my daughter does have pretty bad rages already, and if it increases them, I'm not sure I want to try it. We have not found a med that helps her with those...some that help a little, but nothing that brings the anxiety under contol.

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At the time that we went off of it, it wasn't affecting the rages per se, but the irritability level. I remember after two days off the naltrexone, wow, why is she not so edgy...but then the strep issues with me started and the rages went off the charts.

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We started oral LDN on July 6th. The first week, I think she was having headaches in the morning and she got a runny nose. Slept restlessly every night and took long afternoon naps. By the beginning of the second week, runny nose had cleared up and she has been sleeping better. The really amazing thing is there have been no rages-zip, zero, nada for 3 days. It has been years since we've had this much respite from rages. I'm cautiously hopeful that this trend will continue.

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