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I wanted to do a different post (Hope this is okay)

I wonder how many of you seem to forget about yourselves as I did through this the whole tic ordeal?


Not to mention the economy and that for many of us pampering is out of the question!


I realize how my mood now effected my daughter back then...it probably resulted in more stress for her thus more tics.


Remember the ole saying....Look good on the outside...feel good on the inside and then it becomes contagious to everyone around you.


So here is a tip for everyone! Pamper yourselves....feel good!



OILIVE OIL!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it and have always used it for cooking. Well not anymore! I use Extra Virgin cold pressed..whatever brand is on sale.


Put a little on a cotton ball and you have the most AWESOME eye make up remover you ever used.

It also works as a make up remover for your whole face! Its WONDERFUL


It cleans out pores and makes them invisbile!


I use it also as a face mosturizer! I have an oily T-zone but for once it is no longer oily! I stopped getting break outs every month as well.



Weekly I do a face scrub....This looks wonderful! I add all natural brown sugar to the olive oli and it looks like I had a facial at a spa!


For those who are scared to use straight olive oil (I was in the beginning too) you can mix a tad with your regular face mosturizer.


Vaseline on feet with socks at night...UGH I could not STAND IT!! Now I rub olive oil on them and then socks....wake up to baby feeling feet after just a few nights!!!!


I rub it in my hair before I step into the shower. I let it sit a bit and then just shampoo and condition as normal....My hair LOVES it and so do I!!!!


I place it over my sunblock for a nice bronze look when I am sunbathing. TRY IT!!!!



We use natural cleaning products in the home and I have been using the "method brand" I get everything from there right down to our hand soap.

Before I discoved them and when I am out of them I used and use baking soda, lemon juice and peroxide to scrub the showers and such.


We have very hard water here (even with a water softner) our toilets get stained alot. I pop an alka selzer tablet in the bowl before I get in the shower and let t soak while I shower. After I am done showering I flush the toilet and ring is gone! A pumice can be used to really deep down stains (of course with gloves LOL)


Baking soda as well for a tooth brushing once or twice a week! Makes them white a bit too!


I will add more later....if any of this is new news to anyone.


Here is an awesome dinner to close with:


Buy some chicken breast filets (the thin ones) We use the natural antibiotic free ones from Publix.


I do not clean them first....Just trim up a bit if needed and then dip them in coconut flour, egglands best organic eggs, then bead crumbs.


Cook in coconut oil. YUMMY!!!!


To go along with the chicken I get a large baking pan. I cut baby red potatoes in fours and thow them in there, I then add a sliced zuccini in there, some peppers (red and yellow), and asparagus (tips off) If on hand I throw in a sliced squash as well!

I pour some hains sunflower oil in there and some black pepper and breadcrumbs. Mix it all together and cook it all together!!


You would be surprised at how good this shepard pie type thing is LOL



Okay have to run, late as usual .....hope I helped someone even if just a little.....

If anyone else has some quick fast recipes or a way to save money...please pass on. I would love to hear it. Especially the dinners!

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Thanks! I really needed that. I occasionally lurk here, and I really love seeing the updates on your daughter.


Back to the olive oil -- I'm not quite brave enough to apply oil to my entire face, but I will try a patch test in an inconspicuous area first and get back to you.


Wishing you continued wellness,



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Thanks for the post--I enjoyed reading it!!



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