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Wheatgrass high salycilate?

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I can not find wheatgrass on the salycilate list...does anyone know if it is high salycilate? My Dr. is suggesting it, but I know that my son reacts to salycilates.


Thanks for any input!

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Funny, we were just discussing flaming red ears on my celiac list--


I found this from fibromyalgiarecovery.com:


Salicylates are produced by plants. You must not put them on your skin.

There are some salicylate-free plant parts. CROWS is an easy way to remember these salicylate-free plant parts: Corn, Rice, Rye, Oats, Wheat, Soy. These are seeds or grains that do not contain salicylates. You need to avoid all oils, gels and extracts with a plant name EXCEPT if the name is Corn, Rice, Rye, Oats, Wheat, or Soy.

Not all parts of all plants produce salicylates. These grains do not. But you still have to avoid the plants they grow on: Wheat grass, for example IS a blocker, but wheat germ oil isn't. Thus if an oil comes from the grain and ONLY the grain of corn, rice, rye, wheat, oats, or soy it is OK.


Hope this helps.


Many on the Celiac list believe they get the hot red ears and cheeks when they ingest gluten and not from salicylates. I was surprised to hear that.



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