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Hi , I am new to the site and just would like to get some one else's thoughts--my son is nine and has tics for about a year and a half --he is on Clonidine which is being weaned because it is so sedating. I am trying a more natural approach with magnesium, calcium and b vitamins. However over the last week I have noticed an increase in tics is there a chance I am giving him to much? I have also read that someone of you have tried the Natural calm any suggestions would be greatly apppreciated.


Thanks so much

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hello and welcome

I moved your post to it's own thread


my son cannot tolerate B complex vitamins and so takes them individually instead


it's hard to say whether you have given too much without knowing dose, age, weight etc


I would tend to think the increase i tics is more likely due to weaning off the clonidine

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Hi Dee45,

Welcome!! Did you see Kim's post titled "mag & B6". It isn't far below this. Apparently it's a good combo for kids with TS.

My son's Dr even suggested the very same thing. So it seems like you could be on the right track. As Chemar said, the increase in tics could be to do with going off the meds.

Also, a sign of magnesium dose being too high is loose stools. Then you know to cut back a little.

My son turns 9 next month and was diagnosed last April, just after his b'day.

But certainly have a read of Kim's post and go to the link. Seems like the mag & b6 could be a good start for these kids.



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I can tell you that my son does not take the B complex either, but we tried it for a while. I can tell you that the amino acids worked the best to reduce tics for us. GABA, Acetyl L Carnitine, and NAC. We have used Magnesim Taurate for a long time too...Cardiovascular brand, and I think it did a lot.


I started with a new Dr. one week ago. I stopped my supplements and went to hers....well no amino acids/greatly reduced magnesium intake and the tics are back.


I hope you find a good all natural path! Most people here will tell you that no artificials/preservatives is also key.....hot dogs are a HUGE tic trigger for my son!!


Good luck....keep reading....this site is where I found my son's recipe for reducing tics!!!!

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Thanks to all of you that replied. I think I am going to look at amino acids as well--I guess throught trial and error some combination will eventually work. Thanks again and God bless.



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