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Hello elanasilver,


I've had TS for the past 30 years and what has helped me so much was really cleaning up my diet and taking supplements and fighting off Candida. If you read through the forum you will find so much help on how to how to get a grip on all of these (and so much more) areas. There are so many things that can be done to treat an individual. You have to experiment and find out what works for your husband. Of course I would, and have done this with the help of a good environmental dr. There really is alot of help and alot of hope.

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Hi Elanasilver


I split your post off the other thread so you could have more people see and respond to it


I have both husband and son with TS and yes, the moods/OCD etc really are the issue for both of them more so than the tics themselves


as you saw on my thread of the treatments that have helped my son, maintaining good nutrition and supplements has been key to helping BOTH of them with these issues, and as itsme pointed out, also getting rid of toxins and infections like Candida etc


the OCD and mood issues are related to the biochemical problems


I have had to learn monumental patience and yes, self sacrificial love in living with my guys....but knowing these are truly things that are mostly involuntary for them has helped me rise above the hurts and frustrations it can bring, and thankfully find these natural ways to help stabilize things for them

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Hi, Welcome,


I too have a son and husband with TS.


My husband does not have a lot of issues that come with TS, but I would say after 18yo of marrage we had the hardest time the first 5 years. Now that I think about it he was a rest. manager and worked nights and ate all the junk that was on the menu. He changed a lot after he stopped working at the rest. and ate more homecooked foods.


I never thought about it back then, but I could seen now how diet may have been the key to some of his moods.



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