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OCD- maybe?

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Well, i just want to know what is wrong with me.


I have these habits- let’s call it that.


In a beginning i had few of them but now i have 200 or even more (I didnt count them) of these habits. I need to place every thing in it paricular place in a particular way, so it must be in a 90 degrees angle relation with other things. If I don’t do that, then I’m feel wrong like something bad will happen. But it isn’t easy to place things like my mind tells mee to because I can’t place it with only one touch and my mind tells me that I didn’t place it right, so I replace it. But again there is another if, I must place it in a right sequence(there are bad numbers like: 3,6,12 and any number with divides with them, good : 5,7,10). So, if I place one thing exactly 3 times, then I need to replace it again and again so its 5 now, but my mind tells that it was 6(the bad number) and I again need to replace it. Sometimes I catch myself counting at 128 an on (about ½ hour) so almost always I am tired after this. So I try to not touching anything. On each object rules are different only same thing is that I must place those in particular sequence.


I also have these thoughts that something bad will happen to people I care. So I put all knifes away, I check that gas is turned off, doors are closed (when i locking doors I recheck 6 times) …..

If I can’t check(I’m in a job or something else) I perform a ritual (knocking 10 times-not always help)


Sometimes I have thoughts with I don’t want to have, but they don’t go away-I perform ritual.


I have problems when I am in places were are lot of people. I get nervous, and have bad thoughts.


When I write something, almost always I rewrite some letter, because it feels wrong.


I have lived about 8 years now in a such way. I’m 20.


Hope to get answer soon, thanks.

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Well I'm no doctor, but I do have obsessive compulsive disorder, and I'm pretty sure you do too man. I'm 20 as well and I have had it since I was about 5 or 6 or so. You should really takes steps in doing something to correct it, or trust me, it WILL get worse over time. See a psychologist or psychiatrist and get some medication if it is really as bad as it sounds. I have never taken meds before, but am actually starting on them this Friday because my OCD keeps getting so bad and out of hand. If you have any other questions, I am pretty educated on this issue, feel free to email me. brian_golde@hotmail.com. Good luck to ya.

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Well, I have never been at doctor, so I don’t use any medications. But it sounds that I should go to see him. Actually I discovered what OCD is just recently, I watched movie “As Good As It Gets†with Jack Nicholson in main role, And I saw similarities in his actions. Then I understand that I have something similar or even the same thing.


How does OCD bothers me with my day to day life? Well, in the first years I felt uncomfortable, because people around me saw me do these actions. In school I even tried to not get in the eyes. When people see me do anything unusual, I try to place it as something else. As an example if someone sees me toss my hands around, I pretend that there was a bee or something like that. Lot of my friends got used to my actions; they just know that I am kind of strange so I don’t pretend to them. I discovered that I have problems to touch something unstable or something small. If I take something small as CD disk, then I will spend next 5 minutes to place it back in right place, and I will get nervous, and when I am nervous it getting even worse, almost every time its only option to scream get my head in my hands and run out of room and even then it will take almost 10 minutes to get back in shape. So, it plays big role in my day to day life, almost 60 % of my day I spend on these fixed actions.


There are silent times too when I feel alright and nothing much bothering me, but such times is only about one day length maybe a week tops.


Recently I discovered that I speak with people in my mind, I think it’s called “Daydreaming†if I get it right.


(Imagine what it took to write this text- sometimes when I write something mouse in my hand do not feel to be in right place, so I turn it upside down in my hand so I can see mouse ball (4 times) and gently place it back on mouse pad. And sometimes I write one letter, then delete it and make 3 spaces then delete 2 spaces make one again and delete 2, only then I can write further. And, yes, when I read I must reed all characters even points and commas and so on. (Text “…insight but a lot of Hollywood zed superficiality. ** from ****…†I read like this “insight but a lot of Hollywood zed superficiality Point Star Star from Star Star Star Starâ€, it’s really not enjoyable.)

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I am so sorry for your troubles. Certainly none of us are professionals, but I have a nephew with OCD, and have read a ton of books on it--your symptoms sound classic. Unfortunately, the meds didn't work for him, they just made him gain weight. :( For some they do of course.


You may wish to visit theboard here for Tics and Tourettes Syndrome. Many parents there have kids with tics and OCD symptoms, and have found underlying health conditions that when correct with supplments have greatly alleviated the condition.




Also, there are doctors who instead of prescribing meds, first go through a set of protocols to see if there is a health issue aggravating the symptoms. I am not against meds if they bring help, but you might want to try this first. If you request that a doctor not 'label' you for work reasons or whatever, they may be comfortable with this.


If you are interested, you might consider a DAN doctor--there is a spectrum of neurological issues they work on. These doctors (many of whom are MDs) will run you through a series of non-invasive metabolic tests (except the blood test is semi-invasive) to see if there are underlying imbalance may be causing your symptoms. The benefit of a DAN doctor is that they have established a protocol with a battery of tests for the most common underlying conditions, such as:


vitamin deficiency



heavy metal toxicity

low antioxidants

gluten/casein issues


If you have a PPO, it will cover much of this.


To check out the practioners in your area, go to:

www.autism.com/ari. Click on DAN on the left, then find a doctors in your area.


It is amazing to me how many people on different board who have done some testing have similar underlying issues, and several have had success with this approach --and never did or no longer do use drugs.


Good luck,


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the solution to ocd is very simple, but hard to do, well its not that hard to do, it is do able. STOP DOING WHAT EVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER. What ever makes you feel releieved and good, stop doing it. That is the thing which is ruining your life. To be honest i didnt even bother reading any of the posts because as far as ocd goes its the same cure. What ever your sympton you will feel uncomfortable feelings, what youve got to do is sit with the discomfort if it says your contaminated and you need to do this. Just sit there and listen to the ocd telling you youve been contaminated and feel the horrible feelings. Instead of getting rid of the fear by doing compulsions or sitting there trying to convince yourself the thought s are not true. Just sit with the intrusive thoughts. Let them tell you you are comtaminated, when the uncomfortable feelings get really bad ASK FOR MORE. Say i can take these feelings all day these are nothing feel the horrible dread and disturbing feelings and just sit with them. Then and only then will they subside gradually each time the feelings arise they will be less painful and it wil get a lot easier to do this process untill they gradually disintegrate into nothing. And it wont be that gradual things start to get better quite fast.


The most important thing to remember is this STOP TRYING TO ACHEIVE THAT RELEIVED AND PEACEFUL FEELING. You know the one when youve done your compulsions or when you are fully convinced that your worries are not true. I know from myself that this feeling FEELS BRILLIANT.

But it is the thing that is ruining your life.

All ocd is is these EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS. But that is all they are HORRIBLE FEELINGS. WHen that voice in your head says THERE REAL, FOR YOU THEY ARE REAL. Sit with the feelings feel the horrible feelings inside yourself. DONT TRY AND CONVINCE YOURSELF THEY ARE NOT REAL. Just let them tell you what ever they want. Let them make you feel as bad as they want. Dont look for a way out to feel relieved.

Just allow yourself to be filled with dread and fear. Allow the horrible feelings to stay aslong as they want. MAKE NO ATTEMPT TO RELIEVE YOURSELF FROM THEM.


Ok so ive probably just repeated the same thing again and again. Im not sure if i have because im not going to bother reading what ive written because im too tired and conat be bothered. But i hope i have got my point across very clearly. Because i have given the solution to your problem if you have ocd.


In doing what ive said the painful feelings will go away. At first the feelings will return regurlary and catch you in your weacker moments, just go through the whole process of just sitting with and feeling the uncomfortable feelings again. The gaps between when the feelings return will increase.

Until they stop coming altogether as they have to power over you, as you will become desensitized to the uncomofortable feelings your obsesive thoughts give you.

They will however probably return in the future. ie. In a few months or weeks and you will then just go through the same process until they go.


If there is anything anyone dosent understand then just ask and i will reply.

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