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To Marretts:


Yes, FJ on braintalk is quite knowledgeable. FJ was kind enough to break down how B1 should be taken.


Sorry to hear that you are going through what I'm going through. I think it is the shock of it all. Then the ticcing. Then the social stigmatism. It was for me. I'm still there.


Glad to hear you are getting some success with the vitamin supplements and avoiding triggers. I'm hoping we also have success with vitamin supplements. I'm currently shopping for them.


As for the car... I noticed a few more blinks when we initially get into the car. I think for us, it is light sensitivity. That she blinks more to adjust to the difference in light (house to garage to outside). But environmentally speaking... nothing. I did however get a leather car seat for our daughter. I figured cloth seats have lots of dust and she is allergic to dust mites.


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Hi Marriet, jcand,


Some people apparently have a strong reaction to certain carpeting (in cars or wherever). Someone here posted on carpet reaction, and Doris Rapp discusses carpets as causing a host of ailments.


I know that light flicker thru trees can bother some as well (as jcand mentioned).


My recommendation is to experiment: vacuum the car well when your child isn't there, then put a clean allergic protective sheet over the upholstery--front and back. If you don't have it, try something else to cover it for the experiment. Run one of those car hepa filters (I think called Roomaid) in the car for a few minutes before you go. See if it makes a difference. If this is a big help--try leather seats for your next car.


Also, beware paint smells! They have low-odor paints.


Hi jcand--nice to see you here, I hope all is well!



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we are still in the midst of a house move so i havent been around much but wanted to mention here that a holistic doctor once suggested to me that the car environment worsening tics was an electromagnetic phenomenon in a small enclosed metal area.

Have no idea how factual this is, but worth a thought!

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